The 7 Most Unexpected Scene Stealers and Breakout Stars of 'Grease: Live!'


We are hopelessly devoted to the cast of 'Grease: Live!'

We are hopelessly devoted to the cast of Grease: Live!

We knew that Rydell High's biggest names like Julianne Hough and Vanessa Hudgens would rule the school with their impeccable dance moves and proven pipes, but we were blown away by the spectacular ensemble cast.

From Carly Rae Jepsen's impressive acting debut to Boyz II Men's heaven-sent performance, here are the seven breakout stars who unexpectedly stole the show!

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1. Frenchy (Carly Rae Jepsen)

We all know that Jepsen is the queen of insanely catchy pop songs, but the pink-haired beauty was a natural in her first big acting gig. Her solo, "All I Need Is An Angel," was the only new track that was written specially for Sunday's telecast, and -- as expected -- she was sensational in it. But what made tonight even more special was seeing her alongside the original beauty school dropout, Didi Conn.

2. Doody (Jordan Fisher)

This heartthrob first snagged our attention with a small role the hit Disney Channel movie Teen Beach Movie, but after Sunday's performance, it's clear that this triple threat is destined for big screen greatness. His guitar solo in "Those Magic Changes" had us swooning while his dance scenes with Frenchy had us legitimately laughing. Plus, did you see that amazing flip at the start of the dance contest? This guy had got some seriously impressive moves and we want to see more!

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3. Jan (Kether Donohue)

We cannot say enough amazing things about Donohue's performance as the Twinkie-loving queen of one-liners. Despite the fact that Jan is the only Pink Lady without a solo, Donohue's on-screen charm, subtle physical gags, and impeccable comedic timing caused her to steal every scene that she was in.

4. Patty Simcox (Elle McLemore)

This girl is seriously the most, to say the least! McLemore's take as the ultra-peppy Patty was given even more screen time in Grease: Live!, and we can certainly see why. Unlike in the movie, Patty's high-energy performance came off endearing instead of obnoxious, and her iconic panties-exposing moment at the prom was perfection. We pretty much want to be best friends with this head cheerleader.

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5. Teen Angels (Boyz II Men)

It was the holy trinity of performances! Fox's decision to have three teen angels instead of just one was an unexpected yet welcome twist to the production. Not only did the group tug on our '90s-loving heartstrings, but Boyz II Men's harmonies in "Beauty School Dropout" were heaven sent.

6. Principal McGee (Ana Gasteyer)

Six years of experience on Saturday Night Live made Gasteyer the perfect choice to rule over Rydell High. The actress did not disappoint, delivering the principal’s signature accidental humor in a fun and fresh way, while still staying true to the iconic role.

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7. Kenickie (Carlos PenaVega)

Fresh off of his toe-tapping performance in Dancing With the Stars, PenaVega impressed as the smooth-talking Rydell rebel. His chemistry with Vanessa Hudgens' Rizzo was as electric as "Grease Lighting" and his heartfelt scenes with Aaron Tveit's Danny brought to life that amazing bromance that Grease fans know and love.

Bonus Breakout Star: Aaron Tveit's Shorty Shorts!

Behold them in all their teeny-tiny glory!

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