EXCLUSIVE: 'Grease: Live!' Star Keke Palmer Reveals Who Flubbed Their Lines, Praises Vanessa Hudgens

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Grease: Live! star Keke Palmer dished to ET about the havoc -- and heartbreak -- that took place behind the scenes of Sunday's epic television event.

While the three-hour blockbuster performance appeared to go off without a hitch, there were a few hiccups that viewers might have missed.

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For one thing, one of the Grease: Live! stars flubbed a line! Palmer revealed that co-star Kether Donohue, who played Jan, was the culprit.

"I told her, 'Girl, nobody heard that,'" Palmer told ET, recalling a conversation the two had.

There were also issues with crackling microphones, which editors were able to cut around in time for the West Coast, and, of course, the rain!

"We rehearsed for the last week with umbrellas and literally 30 minutes before we went live, we did it," Palmer said. "We wanted to make sure it was safe."

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Perhaps the most impressive challenge that Palmer and the other cast members had to overcome were their dramatic quick changes.

"I honestly owe that to my Broadway performance of Cinderella, because that's how I learned to do a quick change," said the 22-year-old actress, who played Marty.

During her big solo, "Freddy My Love," Palmer had to wear three dresses at the same time -- one on top of the other -- to make it easier to slip in and out of her wardrobe for the quick transitions.

"[Costume designer] William Ivey Long, he actually worked for some time with a magician, so he's all about being able to create these illusions," she said of that particular moment.

The anticipated Grease: Live! performance became that much more heart-wrenching due to the death of Vanessa Hudgens' father just one day before they were set to go live. Hudgens' boyfriend, Austin Butler, tweeted afterward that her rendition of "There Are Worse Things I Could Do" had him "in tears."

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"To see her grace -- that's the kind of thing that ended up bringing a lot of tears to our eyes," Palmer said.

For more on Hudgen's late father, who had been battling cancer for months, watch the video below.