Meet Pastor Kim, the 'Preachers of Atlanta' Star Conquering Hell in High Heels -- and Tutus! -- With Her Milli

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It’s time to get familiar with Kimberly Jones-Pothier, aka “Real Talk Kim” -- or simply, Pastor Kim.

Pastor Kim is one of the stars of Oxygen’s new docuseries, Preachers of Atlanta, which follows five different pastors in the Atlanta area all looking for new ways to bring the gospel to a millennial audience.

“I just felt like it was another avenue for me to just shine the light on Jesus,” Kim tells ETonline, explaining her choice to sign onto the show.

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“I felt like I heard the Lord say that He trusted me with this venture, and why not reality?” Kim continues. “My life is pretty interesting and God’s light shines all the way through. So, you know, I’m pumped about it.”

Kim is a survivor of domestic abuse, and says God helped get her out of a difficult, 17-year marriage and find her true path in life.

“The one thing I figured out about my life when I was going through my divorce was that nobody took the pain away from me,” Kim explains. “I had to give it to God and walk away from it. Nobody helped me pull my big girl panties up and keep moving. I had to help God help me.”

Now, Kim’s helping pay that message forward with her social media sermons. In addition to her work at the Church of the Harvest in Fayetteville, Georgia, Kim also films short messages and livestreams for her millions of online followers.

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“I didn’t think anything was really extraordinary about me, but God did,” Kim says. “I just started using the platform. I didn’t even really know what I was doing, and people ask me all the time, ‘How did you did it? Like, how did you get a million people following you? Like, what did you do?’ And they want to know my secret, but I don’t really have a secret.”

“I believe I passed the test and God said, ‘You know what, I trust you with my kids. I trust you to be a mouthpiece for me,’” Kim adds. “I went through hell and I came out on fire, and I think that, you know, he just trusts me, man.”

Kim says she handles all her own social accounts, and does her best to respond to every single message she gets.

“I really, really love people,” Kim says. “It’s my favorite hobby … and when you’re in your passion, you’re doing something you love, it’s really not work at all.”

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Kim’s digital sermons are just part of her appeal -- her style is also eccentric, to say the least. She’s almost always wearing a tutu, heels and big, thick-framed glasses, with her bleach blonde hair spiked high.

“I remember at 40 years old, I have a conference each year called ‘Conquering Hell in High Heels,’ something just told me, ‘Girl, you’re gonna rock a tutu tonight!’” Kim recalls. “So, somebody gave me a tutu, and I rocked it, and it just kinda caught on … before I knew it I had branded myself, and I get tutus in the mail weekly from people. So, I have a whole room of tutus.”

Kim says she hopes her style of dress, and of preaching, breaks through to people who aren’t interested in traditional approaches.

“I really believe that we all have one chance in this lifetime,” Kim says. “So, I want people to be changed in my presence.”

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“I’m an evangelist,” Kim continues. “I’m very ‘Real Talk Kim,’ like we talk about everything … [I’m not] able to baby somebody through something, ‘cause I’m more like, ‘Hello! Girl! Get up, get up! The harder you fall, the higher you bounce!’”

You can get more of “Real Talk Kim” starting Wednesday, Feb. 3, when Preachers of Atlanta premieres at 10 p.m. ET on Oxygen.

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