EXCLUSIVE: Ian Somerhalder Talks 'Vampire Diaries' Ending and His Future With Nikki Reed: 'Standby' for Babies

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Ian Somerhalder is ready for fatherhood!

We've spent the past seven years with the bloodthirsty and spellbinding characters of The Vampire Diaries.

Fans have watched some of the most swoon-worthy moments, heartbreaking scenes, and even said goodbye to one of the stars of the show. So, just how many more seasons will we spend with Damon, Stefan and the rest of our Mystic Falls favorites?

"It's something that everyone is talking about and there is a lot of speculation about it because we're so far into it," star Ian Somerhalder recently shared with ET. "I'll be honest with you, right now we're just trying to get through this one and just make this a really, really good season of television."

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"We just want to get through this year and make it good and we'll see what comes about," the actor added. "That's all we're trying to do, but you'll be the first to know."

While the fate of the series is still unknown, tonight's gripping episode is sure to delight TVD fans everywhere. Directed by star Paul Wesley, the emotional hour delves into the rollercoaster ride of a relationship between the Salvatore brothers as they are adjusting to back to life after their Phoenix Stone hell.

"I love working with Paul. He's my brother," Somerhalder gushed. "Paul has sisters – awesome, beautiful, totally amazing sisters -- but I am literally like his brother. You've got to figure, after seven f**king years together, we are literal brothers."

Like Wesley, Somerhalder has also directed an episode of the blood-fueled drama, and he explains that their time acting on the series helps make their time behind the camera even more meaningful.

"Paul and I don't want to just show up and make the camera angles look cool so we look good," Somerhalder noted. "We want to dive so deep into the story that we still love and the season one/season two Vampire Diaries that I remember."

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"[Those seasons] were literally just so gripping, and so beautiful, and so thoughtful, and that really made this show what it was. It made people fall in love with the show," he continued. "I miss those days, and I love when I'm in the director's chair or when Paul's in the director's chair and just being able to go back."

Somerhalder's directorial debut in season six left us speechless, and so fans will be pleased to know that he is stepping behind the camera again this year.

"I just finished directing my episode from last week, and now starts the whole journey of post-production," Somerhalder said of episode 716, which is set to air in the spring. "I'm excited. I get the editor's cut in just a few days, on Saturday, and then I'll start the process of just really molding and crafting it."

"I'm going to be editing my episode all night, and that's just kind of my main focus right now," he pointed out. "Other than that, I'm just hanging with my wife [Nikki Reed] and my babies -- our babies, all these furry creatures that we have."

By our count, the couple, who are well-known animal activists, already have nine "furry babies" -- four dogs, three cats and two horses -- but when we last caught up with Somerhalder in September, the TVD star said he "can't wait" to start a family with Reed.

So can we soon expect a new little bundle of joy from the Somerhalder-Reed family? "Well, you know, those are the coolest little things in the world," he said coyly. "Standby."

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Somerhalder added that he and his wife of nine months are "absolutely" already working on having a baby. Swoon!

While we wait for a little Ian or Nikki to join the world, we're curious to know if the twosome would ever be interested in facing off against one another on Spike TV's Lip Sync Battle like Channing Tatum and Jenna Dewan-Tatum did during their epic Beyonce-filled extravaganza.

"I watched the one that Channing and Jenna did and it was unbelievably, man!" Somerhalder exclaimed. "I laughed my ass off when I saw that and it's really, really cool. Yeah, I mean we do that every day anyways at home."

Hold up – they're already masters at lip-syncing? "Oh yeah," he confirmed. "There's a lot of singing [in our home]. Well, [Nikki] is also a very talented musician and her voice is hauntingly beautiful, so she's got me by a long shot."

Regardless of Reed's impressive vocal skills, Somerhalder would definitely be interested in giving it a go on the show. "Yeah, I think I could probably attempt to hold my own for sure. It's actually a great format and what they've done [on that series] is actually super cool," he said.

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