EXCLUSIVE: Watch Tom Schwartz Bring 'Venomous' Stassi Schroeder to Tears on 'Vanderpump Rules'


Vanderpump Rules gets “awkward as f**k” (Stassi Schroeder’s words, not ours) this week, and ETonline has your exclusive first look at the kinda cringeworthy scene.

Stassi sits down with her one-time BFF Katie Maloney’s fiance, Tom Schwartz, seemingly because Katie won’t meet up with her. Remember -- Stassi completely cut off Katie last year, but now wants to rebuild the relationship.

If she was hoping Tom would help, it doesn’t look that way -- their talk turns tense fast. Check it out:

Stassi kicks off the conversation by saying she’s been drinking all night long and feels like she’s about to “sh*t herself,” which, you know, really sets the tone. That’s when Tom jumps in, immediately calling out his co-star for being “a pain in the ass, and a bitch, and venomous.” Ouch.

Stassi starts welling up, and it only gets worse when Tom says she’s lost all the endearing parts of her personality, leaving just a “smug, bitchy shell” of her former self. Stassi fights back by asking, “Did I, like, kill your dog?” But, Tom warns her to not get defensive.

“I am the type of person that, in order to protect myself, if you hurt me, I cut you out,” Stassi says. “I’ve done that with everybody in my life.”

“With shocking ease,” Tom replies.

“Yes, and that is a fault of mine,” Stassi admits. “Yes, and I am now realizing this.”

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Before you know it, Stassi bursts into tears -- but you’ll have to tune into Bravo on Monday night at 9 p.m. ET to see what happens next.

ETonline sat down with Stassi last year, where she opened up about missing out on Katie and Tom’s engagement, which was featured on the show this season.

“When I heard the news... I started crying,” Stassi recalled. “I was happy and sad at the same time. Like, very happy for them, but I always thought that I would be the one helping to pick out the ring and planning it, so that was sad.”

For more from our chat with Stassi, check out the video below.

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