'The Bachelor': Olivia and Emily Face Off in a Dramatic Two-on-One Date! Who Did Ben Send Home in Tears?

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"How do you date this many women that you have feelings for and keep everybody happy? Does anybody know?"

Sorry, Ben, we can't help you with that one, but we can help recap your most outrageous moments from tonight's all-new episode of The Bachelor!

This week, the frustratingly addictive ABC dating series took Ben Higgins' leading ladies to the Bahamas where leftover twin Emily and big-mouthed Olivia -- aka last week's most hated contestant -- were forced to duke it out on the dreaded two-on-one date.

Here's how all the drama all went down…

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"This is going to be rough," Ben said as the reality drama focused on the rough winds ripping through what was supposed to be a picturesque beachside date. And the only thing stormier than the weather was the tension between Olivia and Emily!

"Emily and I are the same age," Olivia snarled to the Bachelor cameras ahead of their date. "I'm going to feel like her mom tomorrow. Like I'm babysitting my daughter."

But Emily came prepared with her verbal claws as well!

"I genuinely hope that Ben is not buying any of this bulls**t," the Las Vegas resident said behind Olivia's back. "I kind of just hope she's digging a hole for herself over there while talking to Ben. I'm sure she's being just typical Olivia just bragging about herself."

Welp, Emily totally called it. Just before telling Ben that she was in love with him, Olivia attempted to reiterate how much she likes to "talk smart things" and she listed off her favorite topics. "I like news and politics and religion," she stressed to Ben during their one-on-one time. "And just, the deep intellectual things are, just, my jam."

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Unfortunately for Olivia, she just wasn't Ben's "jam."

In a shocking twist of events, Ben picked up the coveted two-on-one rose and asked Olivia to take a walk. Initially, we assumed he would once again validate his relationship with the 23-year-old news anchor, but then the Bahamian tides turned.

"Today you really did take the time just to speak from the heart and tell me exactly what you're feeling," Ben carefully explained. "I just don’t think I can reciprocate those feelings. It's just not a place that I can get to and I think that as honest with me about your feelings, I have to be honest with you about mine and to tell you that today I can't give you this rose."

To say that Emily was ecstatic by Olivia's dismissal is a severe understatement. "Oh my God, yes!" the twinner (heh!) exclaimed when Ben offered her the rose as Olivia looked on with tears in her eyes.

After that satisfying shocker, The Bachelor powers-that-be chose to leave Olivia uncontrollably crying on the beach while the cameras captured aerial shots of her solo sobfest. To be honest, It was weirdly satisfying for viewers to watch.

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Who else got the boot this week? Leah self-sabotaged herself by trying to badmouth everyone's favorite Bachelor sweetheart, Lauren B., so Ben sent her booty packing pre-rose ceremony. Later on, Ben decided to cancel the ladies' beloved cocktail party so he could cut right to the chase and send kindergarten teacher Lauren H. home.

The Bachelor airs Mondays at 8 p.m. ET/PT on ABC.

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