EXCLUSIVE: Scott Weinger Opens Up About Returning to 'Fuller House': 'We Just Fell Right Back Into It'

The actor opened up to ET about embracing his iconic '90s character.

Scott Weinger is going back to his ‘90s roots in Netflix’s Fuller House revival series, and for the 40-year-old actor, the return to the Tanner family’s San Francisco home could not be more bizarre.

“The first day we were all walking around in a daze," Weinger told ET. “I bumped into Bob [Saget] and we were like, ‘What are we doing here? This is crazy.’ Then, the second day, we were all just sitting around drinking coffee like, 'Hey how's it going? What'd you do last night?’”

“We just fell right back into it, that was very strange,” the actor added with a smile. “Like 20 years hadn't passed, [like a] college reunion.”

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Weinger’s character, Steve Hale, is right back in the fold in the revival series, with sparks still flying between him and high school sweetheart D.J. Tanner (Candace Cameron Bure), a new widow who moves back into the Tanner family home to raise her three children.

“It's really weird, being at a table read, sitting there with Candace,” the actor mused. “I've got D.J. on one side, and [Kimmy] Gibbler (Andrea Barber) on the other and it's super bizarre!”

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Ironically, being one half of “D.J. and Steve” isn’t even Weinger’s most iconic ‘90s role. The actor also voiced street rat-turned-prince Aladdin in the 1992 Disney animated film.

“It's like a big pop culture thing,” Weinger said of the connection. “It's funny, because I'll see on Twitter, like, 'Mind blown! Just found out!’ I'm like, where have you been?”

“Somebody said to me the other day, 'Dude, you are the '90s,' and I was like, I guess that's good!” he joked. “It's doubly enjoyable because I'm not really an actor anymore...and so it's sort of just like this weird random thing that's come up and I'm enjoying it a lot.”

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In real life, Weinger has transitioned to work behind the camera, writing and producing shows like black-ish, The Muppets and the ABC musical series Galavant, where ironically enough, he works with Aladdin composer Alan Menken.

“It's a whole different career,” he explained. “It occurred to me recently, I realized I've now produced more episodes of TV than I ever acted in. Which is really a weird milestone.”

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He’s still in show business, but no amount of TV experience could have prepared Weinger for the “bizarre” feel of returning to the same Warner Bros. lot to continue filming Full House 20 years later.

“It's like, this weird trippy thing where you drive onto the lot and park in my old parking space from 20 years ago, they hand me my script that says 'Steve,’’ he explained with a laugh. “Being back with those people in that environment, playing those roles and making those jokes was super trippy.”

And while he’s sworn to secrecy about most details of the Fuller House series, Weinger did spill one comedic hint: “You can expect a lot of jokes about my big hair.”

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