'The Walking Dead': Your 8 Biggest Questions About the Hilltop Colony Answered!


"Your world is about to get a whole lot bigger."

And with that ominous, yet hopeful message from Paul "Jesus" Monroe, this week's episode of The Walking Dead introduced fans to a brand-new community (and threat!) in this post-apocalyptic world.

Episode 11 picked up right where we left off -- aka Rick and Michonne's highly anticipated hookup! -- with Jesus proposing a deal to the key members of Alexandria. "We got off to a bad start, but we're on the same side -- the living side," the bearded newcomer explained. "I think our communities might be able to help each other."

And with that promising offer, Rick, Michonne, Daryl, Glenn, Maggie, and Abraham all loaded into the RV and set out on the journey to Jesus' home: The Hilltop Colony.

So what makes this settlement different than the cannibals of Terminus or the malicious Governor-led army of Woodbury? ETonline has all the answers you need to know to the eight most burning questions about Hilltop…

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1. What is the Hilltop Colony?
This farmer-fueled community is centered around a large colonial mansion called Barrington House. According to Jesus -- aka our Hilltop tour guide of the episode -- the house was a living history museum owned by the state. "This place was running for along time before the modern world built up around it," he said. "I think people came here because they figured it would be running long after the modern world broke down." The high walls around the settlement were built using pieces from a materials yard for a nearby power company.


2. Who is their leader?
Ladies and zombies, we're like to introduce you to the newest chauvinistic character of The Walking Dead: Hilltop Colony's leader Gregory. Throughout Sunday's episode Gregory was described as "a prick" who is "not great with confrontation." He displayed extreme sexist and misogynistic behavior when negotiating with Maggie -- even purposefully calling her "Natalie" -- and initially refused the proposed trade alliance with Alexandria. "He's not the leader I would have chosen," Jesus confessed to Rick and the group. "But he's helped make this place what it is and the people like him."

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3. Where is it located?
According to Jesus, Hilltop is located "less than a day's drive" from Alexandria, but if we're getting into comic books specifics, the Virginia-based colony is only 20 miles away.

4. Who lives there?
The colonials are group of simple farmers and blacksmiths who have very little fighting experience. Although an exact number of residents was not specified, it was implied that Hilltop currently has more residents than those in Alexandria. According to Jesus, many of the citizens "came from FEMA camps" and they brought their trailers with them. In addition to Jesus and Gregory, another key character in the community is Harlan, a doctor who used to work specifically as an obstetrician, and is now Maggie and Glenn's prenatal physician.

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5. What are their strengths?
There are many green thumbs living in Hilltop and, unlike Alexandria, their grounds are flush with crops including tomatoes, corn, and beans. When combined with the fact that they're also raising livestock like chickens and cows, the Hilltop is a haven for the hungry. Additionally, their giant mansion perched at the top of a hill is "perfect for security." The residents can use the top floor windows to see for miles in every direction.


6. What are their weaknesses?
Sheesh, how much time do you guys have? Although the residents have plenty to eat, they're pretty much just a group of sitting ducks without any real weapons or fighting experience to defend themselves. "We ran out of ammo months ago," Jesus revealed. They try to defend their camp with spears made by their blacksmith, but it's immensely clear that they lack the confidence and aggression of Rick's group. Overall, the biggest weakness of the Hilltop Colony is most definitely their citizens' overly trusting nature.

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7. Who is their enemy?
Negan. We've heard this name many times throughout this season of TWD, but now we finally have some solid answers. "He's the head of a group of people who call themselves 'The Saviors,'" Jesus explained. "As soon as the walls were built, The Saviors showed up." After beating a 16-year-old kid to death in front of them, Negan's Saviors took advantage of Hilltop citizens' lack of weapons, and demanded that they give them half of all their crops and livestock. What do the Hilltop residents get in return? They get to live. But after this week's episode, it's clear that The Saviors do not intend to hold up their end of the bargain.

8. What is the agreement between the Alexandria and the Hilltop Colony?
In this week's hour, a few of the Hilltop citizens returned from their food drop at Negan's camp, but it was not a smooth exchange. After murdering many of the Hilltop's scouting group because the food supply was "light," The Saviors send back the rest and orchestrated an assassination attempt on Gregory. After Gregory was stabbed, the community exploded into a full-on frenzy and Rick and Co. jumped into action. Jesus stopped the fighting, and the two groups decided to come up with a unique alliance. "We want food, medicine and one of them cows!" a fired-up Daryl demanded. In the end, Maggie negotiated a deal with Gregory on behalf of the Alexandrians: They get half of everything the Hilltop Colony has to offer, and in exchange Rick's gang will kill Negan and his "Saviors."

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