EXCLUSIVE: 'Once Upon a Time' Stars Reveal Their Picks for Show's 'Most Romantic' Moment Ever!

Prepare to swoon, Oncers!

Prepare to swoon, Oncers!

Over the past 101 episodes, Once Upon a Time has proven to be one of the most action-packed, yet incredibly heartwarming series on TV. We've watched as our fairy tale favorites have embraced the magic of True Love's Kiss, brought iconic dances to life, and sacrificed everything to save another.

To celebrate all of these unbelievably sweet moments, Entertainment Tonight caught up with the spellbinding cast and creators at Once Upon a Time's 100th episode celebration and asked each of them to reveal their pick for the most romantic moment from the entire series.

Spoiler Alert: You're about to feel all of the feels…

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Josh Dallas: Well I'm going to be biased! It's got to be when Prince Charming wakes Snow White up -- when he first sees her in that glass coffin and all of the dwarves are around her. We filmed that in the first season and I remember we were way out in the woods, and it started to snow that day when we went to film it, so it was actually pretty special.

Colin O'Donoghue: Honestly, I think the most romantic moment was when Charming woke Snow White up with the kiss. I think that's what this show is about. It's about hope, it's about love, it's all the good things in life, and that's what the show does really well.

Adam Horowitz: I would say the opening of the series, you know, Charming waking up Snow. We wanted to start with the most iconic True Love moment of all fairy tales and everything sort of comes out from there.

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Jennifer Morrison: There's so many great moments with Hook and Emma. I feel like I can only talk from my own experience. I mean, there are other characters  who have also had very romantic moments, obviously. Rumple and Belle have had really beautiful moments together, and Regina and Robin Hood have had really beautiful moments together as well. I definitely like the moment where when we went on our back to the future little adventure when Emma taught Hook how to swordplay. I thought that was a fun moment.There's been several really sweet moments between them, but I'd say that one stands out as a little bit different and it had its own little spin to it.

Jared Gilmore: Romantic moment on Once Upon a Time? Oh man, there's been a lot! It's really hard to say, but I think some of the more romantic moments are the romantic moments between Hook and Emma. I think they’re just fantastic. In episode 99, that moment before Hook has to sacrifice himself is just so amazing.

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Rebecca Mader: There's been so many! I have to say, I'm a huge Emilie de Ravin fan and I love the whole Belle dance. [When] we finally got the Beauty and the Beast dance, that made my heart swell, but the show makes me cry all the time and I'm in it! But that one really stuck out for me -- I love Belle and Rumple.

Eddy Kitsis: I think that's hard to say, but maybe the season four dance between Belle and Rumple.

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Sean Maguire: Oh gosh, there's been so many! I think Hook and Emma going on a date was really kind of cute. I think when we got to dance at the ball that was kind of sweet [with] Miss Lana Parrilla. Also, we giggle a lot together. Us rehearsing the dance stuff, we make each other laugh a lot, so I've just got really happy memories of kind of goofing around with her.

Lana Parrilla: I'd say really towards the end of last season when we all started to become a family -- I think that's the most romantic of all.

Once Upon a Time airs Sundays at 8 p.m. ET/PT on ABC.

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