EXCLUSIVE: 'Scream Queens' Cast Teases Season Two Secrets -- and React to Harry Styles Possibly Joining the Sh

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Get ready, pledges! Scream Queens is coming back for season two, and ET has all sorts of scoop to hold you over until it premieres this fall.

ET hit up PaleyFest over the weekend, where creator Brad Falchuk confirmed all the actresses at the panel -- Jamie Lee Curtis, Emma Roberts, Lea Michele, Niecy Nash, Keke Palmer, Abigail Breslin and Billie Lourd -- will be back as their season one characters in season two.

“Chanel’s gonna be back, as bitchy as ever, looking fabulous, hopefully,” Roberts gushed to ET before the panel. “I feel like she’s gonna get a makeover, but I’m not really sure what that’s gonna be.”

So, Chanel Oberlin might be getting a makeover -- but don’t expect Chanel No. 3 (Lourd) to change much. Lourd says her earmuffs will definitely be sticking around.

“Go big or go home!” Lourd joked. “More jewels, more fur, maybe more materials. Who knows? Anything can happen with the muffs.”

When the show picks up, there will have been a bit of a time jump. Falchuk told the PaleyFest crowd it will be at least two years after the events of season one, and Dean Cathy Munsch (Curtis) has officially abolished the Greek system -- nationwide.

“I think we may have to remove the word ‘dean’ from her moniker,” Curtis teased ET on the carpet.

Indeed, Munsch is a dean no more -- she’s now a healthcare advocate, and she’s bought a hospital to take on all the cases no one else will. Zayday Williams (Palmer) will be studying medicine under Munsch’s guidance, as will the Chanels (Roberts, Breslin and Lourd).

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"We can expect a lot of very strange patients,” Falchuk revealed to ET. “We can expect our characters interacting with them in different and odd ways. We can expect a lot of the same kind of humor, and a lot of the same kind of messaging.”

Ironically, Breslin told ET her one hope for season two was that her character, Chanel No. 5, would not be a doctor.

“She would get really emotional about not killing anyone,” Breslin said. “She’d be like, ‘Oh my gosh, what’s going on?’”

Lourd is pumped for the new setting, though.

“I’m gonna feel more at home, because I love hospitals,” Lourd gushed on the carpet. “I wanted to be a doctor before I did this that specialized in schizophrenia. Weird, at like 9 years old, that was my dream. But I think this is perfect, that we’re gonna be in a hospital ... I love a dark horror comedy hospital… Grey’s Anatomy with a little sass.”

As for Michele’s Hester Ulrich, she’ll be at the hospital, too -- and according to Falchuk, “intimately involved” with the season two mystery. Falchuk wouldn’t confirm to ET if that means a new serial killer.

“It’s very interesting,” Michele told ET of Hester’s season two journey. “I talked to [creator] Ryan Murphy the other day and he told me all about Hester’s storyline for this next season, and it is not at all what you would think.”

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Keeping an eye on everything will be Denise Hempfill (Nash), who’s moved up the ranks from private security guard, to police officer, to FBI agent.

Nash told ET she hopes to keep bossing the girls around in season two (“I think I’m good at it!”) -- but her real dream for Denise is more romance.

“I want Denise to get another man!” Nash confessed. “Maybe get back together with Chad Radwell, see if we can work our thing out.”

Lucky for Nash, Falchuk confirmed Glen Powell, who plays Chad, will be back for more. As Curtis put it on stage, “Chad will Chad again.”

Nash isn’t the only one looking for love in season two.

“I’ve heard [Chanel’s] gonna have some sort of new love interest, played by someone very, very, very handsome,” Roberts revealed.

Now the question is, could that “very, very, very handsome” man be played by Harry Styles? There’s a rumor floating around that the One Direction singer will be joining the cast for season two, which isn’t totally out of left field. Two pop stars -- Nick Jonas and Ariana Grande -- had recurring roles in season one, and Falchuk mentioned there will be three “studly, hot doctors” working at the new hospital.

Palmer was especially excited by the possible news.

“What?!” she exclaimed. “Come on, Harry! ‘Cause you’re definitely cute. Hopefully, he’s with Zayday, OK?”

“I think I started that rumor, but I don’t know,” Michele coughed up. “I talked to Ryan the other day and he didn’t give me any hints. But I’m pretty sure that I started it.”

Check out the video above to see more of the cast’s reactions to the Harry Styles rumor -- and get even more season two scoop. Scream Queens returns this fall on Fox.