EXCLUSIVE: 'Jane the Virgin' Sneak Peek: Michael's Parents Are in Town (and They Really, Really Hate Jane!)

ETonline has your exclusive first look of Michael's folks at the world's most awkward future in-laws' dinner!

We never thought we'd see the day…

After 36 episodes of falling deeper and deeper in love with Jane Gloriana Villanueva, we're finally about to meet two people who absolutely cannot stand her. To make matters even worse, those two Jane-haters just so happen to be Michael's parents!

ETonline has your exclusive sneak peek introducing Michael's folks, played by Daniel Roebuck and Molly Hagen, at the world's most awkward future in-laws' dinner on Monday's all-new episode of Jane the Virgin.

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"It looks like you fell in love with someone else and dumped our son," Michael's mom, Patricia, says icily to her future daughter-in-law during a heated interrogation. That mama bear also adds that Jane threw Michael away like a "dirty tissue." (Ummm… ew?)

"Yes, I left Michael," a very remorseful Jane explains while grabbing her fiancé's hand. "I regret it, and I would never do it again."

Press play on our exclusive first look above to see the entire intense conversation for yourself and don’t miss an all-new Jane the Virgin on Monday, March 21 at 9 p.m. on The CW.