EXCLUSIVE: Bradley Cooper Makes His Return to 'Limitless' -- See the Pics!


The actor reprises his role as Senator Eddie Mora on the CBS thriller on Tuesday.

Bradley Cooper is returning to the world of Limitless on Tuesday night, reprising his role as Senator Eddie Mora and stirring up more trouble for Brian Finch (Jake McDorman) in the mind-bending CBS thriller, and only ET has exclusive pics from the intense encounter.

In Tuesday’s episode, ominously titled “A Dog’s Breakfast,” Cooper’s character -- who passed on the secrets of the mysterious drug, NZT, from the 2011 big-screen hit -- makes contact with Brian just as the FBI contractor is placed under 24-hour surveillance following his unauthorized trip to Russia.

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Brian’s double life also starts to unravel as his FBI handlers grow more suspicious about his interactions with Morra and his “fixer” henchman, Jarrod Sands (Colin Salmon). The episode is directed by Punisher: War Zone’s Lexi Alexander, who also helmed episodes of superhero dramas Arrow and Supergirl this season.

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Back in October, ET caught up with McDorman and Cooper on the set of Limitless, and the two couldn’t stop gushing about each other’s performances.

"I learn so much from Bradley all the time," McDorman marveled. "He's so involved in the process in front of the camera and behind the camera that I just really have learned a hell of a lot from being around him."

As for Cooper, his praise of McDorman was short, but effusive. "He's crushing it,” the actor told ET.

See more in the video below.

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