5 Things We Know About the New 'Bachelorette' Season: Dramatic Dates, Kiss Counts, and the 'Hottest Cast Ever'

Executive producer Mike Fleiss is sharing a behind-the-scenes look at JoJo Fletcher's search for true love.

It’s been less than two weeks since the new season of The Bachelorette began production, but eager fans can already get a first-hand look at all the action, thanks to executive producer Mike Fleiss’ Twitter account.

Fleiss has been live-tweeting all the behind-the-scenes action as new Bachelorette Joelle "JoJo" Fletcher looks for love in her group of prospective suitors, who, according to Fleiss, will definitely be delivering in the looks department.

“According to our female crew members, this is one of the hottest casts we've ever had,” Fleiss tweeted on Monday.

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Here’s five more things we know about this season:

1.JoJo looks (unsurprisingly) gorgeous.

Fleiss has shared some BTS pics of the new Bachelorette and, no surprise, she looks totally glam and gorgeous, even before a stressful rose ceremony.

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2. She is serious about finding love.

“JoJo is taking this very seriously,” Fleiss tweeted on Monday, adding that the new Bachelorette is “fun and full of personality.” “She really did love @benhiggi and wants what Lauren has…”

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3. Things are already starting to heat up.

Fleiss is keeping a running “kiss count,” which currently standing at 4.5 (maybe a cheek kiss counts as half?) and tweeted that the first group date was “hot, hot, hot!!!” He later clarified, “Hot like, en fuego! #makeamericahotagain.”

Another date apparently took place in the “one of the most romantic cities in the country-- or the world!” and on Wednesday, the producer shared that “some of the conversations today have been TVMA.” Steamy!

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4. Of course, there’s drama galore.

“Two of the guys nearly came to blows last night…” Fleiss tweeted on Tuesday, also sharing that some of the suitors do pushups before filming to get extra buff for the cameras.

The show’s producers also shared that the season has already filmed one of the “most dramatic” groups dates of all time!

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5. There have already been some questionable style choices.

According to Fleiss, this season’s crop of suitors are especially hirsute.

“So many dudes with beards... JoJo is gonna break out the straight edge and shave one of these guys!” he tweeted on Saturday, later sharing a pic of some of the guys by the pool.

Then on Sunday, JoJo was “on a 1-on-1 with a real nice guy. But he could use a shave…”

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Bearded or clean-shaven, Fleiss thinks JoJo has a good chance of finding her own happily-ever-after this season.

“JoJo still has 20 great guys from which to choose,” he shared last week. “I think she's gonna find love.”

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