'The Walking Dead' Shoots [SPOILER] and Finally Shows the First Deadly Glimpse of Negan!

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WARNING: If you have not watched this Sunday's all-new episode of
The Walking Dead, make like Carol and get the heck outta here. For everyone else, prepare to gasp because…

Daryl got shot!

In the final five seconds of the episode, our favorite crossbow-wielding badass crossed paths with Savior Dwight, yet again, and let's just say the third time was not the charm for Daryl.


When Daryl and Rosita tried to rescue Glenn and Michonne from the Saviors' clutches, Dwight snuck up behind the fan favorite character and shot him at close range, all with a smile on his half-burned face.

However, if you watch the scene a few dozen times, (like we did!), it’s clear that this was not a kill shot. Not only does Dwight say, "You’ll be alright" as the scene fades to black, but the bullet clearly hit Daryl below the head and in the shoulder, causing the blood to gruesomely splatter all over the camera.

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But that wasn't the only bombshell that The Walking Dead dropped on us tonight! AMC gifted fans with a 35-second teaser for next Sunday's 90-minute season six finale, and we finally got our first glimpse of Jeffrey Dean Morgan's Negan!

In the brand-new promo above Rick attempts to negotiate with The Saviors to get Glenn, Michonne, Daryl and Rosita back, but it's clear that this trade will not come easily.

"The price will be paid," the promos teases as the back of Negan's head comes into frame. And then three little words sent the entire TWD fandom into full-on hysterics: "Hi. I'm Negan."

To make matters even more excruciating and exciting, we were also treated to our first deadly look at Lucille -- Negan's terrifying weapon of choice.

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"Someone is going to be facing Lucille," Walking Dead executive producer Gale Anne Hurd recently revealed to ETonline. "If you don't know what Lucille is, it's what he names his [barbed wire-covered] bat. So yes, at some point, someone is going to be facing Lucille.

"Negan is probably the most dynamic, complex and charismatic villain, but at the same time, he is human," Hurd continued. "He feels sorry that you've encountered him and he genuinely does feel like, 'It's really your worst day that you ran into me.' And he actually really believes it!"

The 90-minute season six finale of The Walking Dead airs Sunday, April 3 at 9 p.m. ET/PT on AMC.