Watch The First Three Minutes of Hulu's 'The Path,' Starring Aaron Paul, Michelle Monaghan and Hugh Dancy

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Opening amidst the unimaginable devastation of some unseen natural disaster, Hulu's powerful new original series, The Path, plunges viewers head first into utter turmoil and hooks you from the first frightening moments.

In this exclusive look at the first three minutes of The Path, we see the aftermath of a catastrophe that has left a small city in ruins and the population either dead or in dire need of medical help.

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It's such a horrifyingly realistic look at the bleak reality of natural disasters that the arrival of white vans -- marked only with a cryptic symbol resembling an eyeball -- brings us almost the same level of relief as those struggling to survive in this harsh American wasteland.

The Path tells the story of a religious organization known as the Meyerist Movement -- which some say is a cult -- and a man named Eddie (Breaking Bad's Aaron Paul), who gets drawn to its promises.

Eddie and his devoted wife, Sarah (Michelle Monaghan) get ensnared in the charismatic magnetism of the organization's leader, Cal (Hugh Dancy), and struggle to come to terms with what they believe and who they are.

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As evident in just the short glimpse of the series' opening moments, it's clear that Cal -- who leads the group of relief workers -- is an ambitious, resourceful leader who knows how to monopolize an opportunity and subtly manipulate peoples' needs.

The series, created by Jessica Goldberg, who also serves as executive producer alongside Jason Katims and Michelle Lee, takes viewers deep into the inner workings of this controversial group.

The Path debuts on Hulu March 30, with new episodes debuting every Wednesday.

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