EXCLUSIVE: 'Originals' Star Joseph Morgan Spills on His 'Massive' Directorial Debut and Which Girl Is Best for

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One of the world's first vampires is now a first-time director of The Originals!

On tonight's all-new episode, "Behind the Black Horizon," star Joseph Morgan is making his TV directorial debut with a visually stunning hour of television and Entertainment Tonight has all the on-set details straight from the hybrid himself!

"Honestly, I expected them to give me an easier episode. This was a full-on episode -- it's huge!" Morgan exclaims to ET. "It's got guest stars, there's big sequences and with six actors in the woods, and stunts, and visual effects, and drama, and huge days on location, and massive fights."

Morgan, who has been gunning to direct an episode since the CW drama premiered, was finally given his chance with one of the most pivotal episodes of the season.

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"I thought they would give me something a little easier to start with, but now I'm glad because it's a terrific episode," he admits. "I'm glad that I didn’t get one of the filler episodes or something more boring or something that builds up to next week. It goes down after my episode and I'm glad about that now having done it."

The 34-year-old, who has directed many short films in his career, confesses that stepping behind the camera for The Originals was a completely "different animal."

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"On the stuff that I've directed before this, I've had the final say in everything," he says. "But, thankfully, everyone seems very pleased with the director's cut I gave them."

"They used everything I shot the way I wanted it to be used, which is really pleasing to me," the Brit explains. "As opposed to having it get all chopped up, and switched around, It made me feel like it worked and at least I did my job as I was supposed to do it."

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However, Morgan reveals that there was a "long battle" over one scene in particular (a Klayley scene!) that the actor turned director was adamant about keeping in the episode.

"There's a pretty intense, but kind of short action scene with Klaus and Hayley…and that was something that the writers and I really wanted to do, but it was not technically a story point, it was an action sequence," Morgan spills. "I was determined that it would happen like this and it would be violent and dramatic."

After many back and forth negotiations, Morgan is "really proud" that this gruesome scene has made it into the final cut of tonight's episode.

"It's a great moment and I think very exciting. I think it does move the story forward because it show Klaus and Hayley working as a bloodthirsty team, which is good and important," he adds with a laugh.

Switching over to Klaus' love life, Morgan is well aware of how fiercely the Originals fandom is split when it comes to which girl they want Klaus to be with. So we asked the actor to weigh in on the pros and cons of each of the vampires and hybrids in his life: Cami, Caroline and Hayley.

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"You should be asking what the pros and cons are of Klaus for each of these girls," Morgan says with a laugh. "I try and stay out of it because it's dangerous waters I'm wading into now."

"[Each woman] represents a different side of him, so I think that's why different fans respond to the different ships," he explains. "They prefer that side of Klaus or this side of Klaus, and it's the woman who complements that side and brings that side out of him."

"The thing about Klaus is that he's never really been able to hold a relationship," he says. "He's fractured and he's dysfunctional when it comes to his relationships -- both with his family and with women -- so he doesn't deserve to be with any of these women, I think."

"Honestly, the woman I hope that he does right by is Hope," Morgan concludes. "If he could learn anything from all of this at the end, whenever that comes, it would be to do right by his daughter."

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