EXCLUSIVE: 'Outlander' Stars Spill on Jamie and Claire's Season 2 Sex Scenes: 'They Will Always Have Passion'

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It's almost here, Outlander fans!

After far too many Fraser-free months, we're just one day away from ending this dreaded Droughtlander with the highly anticipated season two premiere.

To help get you even more excited for this next chapter, Entertainment Tonight caught up with stars Caitriona Balfe and Sam Heughan earlier this week at the Outlander premiere event in New York City -- and we've got the exclusive scoop on all the "passion" and problems ahead.

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When we last saw our favorite laird and lady, they were embarking on a new journey together to Paris, but if you think season two is going to be nothing but smooth sailing ahead, you'd better brace yourself!

"It starts off very hopeful," Heughan revealed to ET on the red carpet. "But we know Paris is a very poisonous place for them and their relationship."


"They have arrived in the French high society and they are doing this duplicitous thing where they are trying to change the course of history," Balfe explained. "So we see them maybe not at their most honorable -- not at the most honest. It is a little bit of a different look on them."

In addition to perfecting their French -- a subject Heughan admitted that he completely "failed" when he was in school -- the actors had to weave intense marital strains into Jamie and Claire's relationship.

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"Season one was all about a courtship, and falling in love, and getting to know each other," Outlander's executive producer Ronald D. Moore said. "The relationship is different now because they are a married couple expecting a baby."

"They are still trying to repair the wounds from the end of last season both emotionally and physically for Jaime," Balfe shared. "Really, it is a much darker and more complicated season this season."

Heughan echoed his co-stars thoughts, saying, "They find it very tough and kind of hard to connect. They kind of lose track of each other."

But not to worry, Outlander fans!

"It is not all doom and gloom," Heughan added. "There are some great characters that come in. We have got some great actors, and of course, Fergus, who becomes their surrogate son and there's some really lovely moments there."

Despite the fact that our couple is headed for some rough waters, Outlander will continue to give fans those oh-so-steamy, yet undeniably swoonworthy sex scenes that the series is known for.

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"They are still a couple very much in love and there is a lot of passion there," Balfe teased with a coy smile. "But it is not the new love, it is not the honeymoon phase anymore, so it is real. It feels like a very honest relationship, you know? So there are some struggles, but they will always have passion."

Both Heughan and Balfe believe that those intimate bedroom scenes are not just gratuitous moments -- they're pivotal turning points in Claire and Jamie's relationship.


"We always want those scenes to tell a story about the relationship and move the relationship forward," Heughan said. "But you know Jaime is not fully healed yet and so the thing that brings them together is actually their unborn child, and I think those moments are really intimate and touching."

After three years of shooting those heart-pounding sex scenes, we were curious to know if the actors still get butterflies before the cameras start rolling.

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"Um, no we just get it on. That's it really." Heughan said with a laugh before admitting that those scenes are "never easy" to film.

"They are awkward, but you know, he's alright," Balfe added with a smile. "He is a good mate, so we have fun. We have fun when we have to do it."

So what is the one thing that Outlander fans should know before tuning into the season two premiere?

"You are going to be surprised!" Heughan promised. "So get on your sofa, pull up a blanket, whiskey, wine, whatever -- in fact, it should be wine because we are in France now -- and enjoy and let us know what you think."

Season two of Outlander premieres Saturday, April 9 at 9 p.m. on Starz.

Dying for more season two scoop for Outlander? Press play on our exclusive interview with Heughan and Balfe below!