EXCLUSIVE: 'Below Deck' Captain Promises Plenty of Drama on the Mediterranean


After three drama-filled seasons in the Caribbean, Below Deck is setting sail for the
Mediterranean in a spin-off of the Bravo reality series, aptly titled Below Deck Mediterranean. Not only is
there a new location (the Greek Islands), but there’s a whole new crew led by
Captain Mark Howard, who promises a more professional group aboard his yacht. 

(The only crew member returning from the original series is
Chef Ben Robinson.)

“There’s more experience involved here,” Howard tells ET. “This
is the pinnacle of charter yacht operation and the best of the best people go
to the Med. We had some newbies, but we had a lot of experience as well. That
really made a big difference in what we were able to do and the service we were
able to provide for the charter clients.”

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Those clients, Howard reveals, are more formal than the ones
seen on past seasons of Below Deck. “Everyone
is a little more conscious of what they're doing, how they're doing it, what
you're saying,” he says of the guests, who are influenced by the European
culture. “All of those things are a little more elevated in the Med.”

While the show does offer a peek into the lavish world of
the super-wealthy, the main draw of Below
is the cast. “At first, there was a little bit of pushing and prodding with
some people seeing how far they can go with some people,” Howard says of his
crew. “But in the end, everyone got to that professional level and gave it
their heart and gave it all they could.”

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Despite coming together in the end, Howard says there was
still some animosity out on the water, “which you’ll see.” Of course, Howard
admits there was plenty he didn’t witness during filming.

“I’m sure there are going to be some things that I'm going
to learn once the show starts airing,” he says, especially about relationships
between crew members that developed during downtime between clients. “Things
happened there that I had no knowledge of that I'm going to be seeing, along
with you, for the first time.”

Audiences can join Howard in watching the new series when it
premieres Tuesday, May 3 at 9 p.m. ET. Until then, enjoy an exclusive look at the yacht:

--Additional reporting by Jennifer Peros