EXCLUSIVE: Mila Kunis, Christina Applegate and the Rest of the 'Bad Moms' Spill Their Worst Parenting Moments!

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Why be good when it feels so much better to be bad?

That's exactly what Mila Kunis, Kristen Bell, Christina Applegate and the rest of the Bad Moms cast are asking themselves in the upcoming big screen comedy.

ET's Cameron Mathison caught up with leading ladies of the R-rated flick, which hits theaters on July 29, to get the exclusive scoop on their real-life moments as a "bad mom," -- and you won't believe the shocking secrets they spilled!

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When it comes to letting off some pent-up parental steam, Applegate confessed that she and her husband, Martyn LeNoble, might not handle it the best way.

"I mean, it doesn't make me a bad mom, it just makes me a total a**hole," the former Married with Children actress prefaced her hilarious tale. "My daughter, [Sadie Grace,] got mad at me -- she was two and a half -- and she slammed the door in my husband's and my face. Both of us simultaneously flipped her off."

Katherine Hahn spilled that her "bad mom" moment was almost much worse than it could've been. "I was playing with my son and went like this," she said while raising her arms in the air, "and I forgot that there was a ceiling fan going and I almost decapitated him!"

Meanwhile, Kunis revealed that she and her hubby, Ashton Kutcher, don’t really "let loose" as much as they used to, thanks to their early AM wake-up call. "At 6:45 in the morning [my daughter Wyatt] is awake so, so am I," she said. "Honestly, I don't know what letting loose means [anymore.] Probably not going to sleep at 9:30."

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Like her on-screen co-star, Bell admitted that her wild night's out with husband Dax Shepard are much less crazy since giving birth to their second daughter, Delta, in 2014. "When we put the kids down and we look at the clock and it's like 7:43, we're like, 'Let's go to bed!'" the Frozen star explained.

Despite their typically early bedtimes, Bell and Shepard shared a fun night out last month at the Game of Thrones world premiere event when they showed off their fandom passion with some intense show-related tattoos and tank tops.

"It was a totally sober experience!" Bell stressed with a laugh. "But it was amazing because we love the show, we got invited to the premiere and we had planned on watching the opening episode in those outfits, so we thought, let's bring it to the streets!"

Bad Moms hits theaters on Friday, July 29.