'Grey's Anatomy': Is McDreamy Coming Back From the Dead?


Game of Thrones
pulled an epic twist on Sunday’s episode, resurrecting Jon Snow from the dead with some magical help from Westeros’ favorite sorceress, Melisandre, and now, some other shows might be following in their footsteps.

At least, that’s what would happen if Jimmy Kimmel had his way.

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The late-night host mocked up a hilarious spoof on Tuesday’s show, cutting together a fake Grey's Anatomy promo that shows the Red Woman making her way to Grey Sloan Memorial to resurrect McDreamy himself, Dr. Derek Shepherd, who died last season on Shonda Rhimes’ medical drama.

“It’s been a year since we said goodbye,” an ominous voiceover narrates in the clip. “But a new face in the hospital is about to change everything…McDreamy is back!”

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The silly satire is all in good fun, of course. Plus, any serious Game of Thrones fan knows that inviting Melisandre into a hospital would be a terrible idea.

See more about GoT’s most recent shocker in the video below!

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