EXCLUSIVE: Michael Weatherly Jokes That He 'Overstayed His Welcome' on 'NCIS'

ET visited Weatherly on set before the final two episodes of NCIS' 13th season air on May 10 and May 17.

NCIS star Michael Weatherly is saying goodbye to the long-running CBS drama that made him a star this month, and ET's Kevin Frazier soaked up some of the last moments that he'll have with Weatherly as DiNozzo on the set.

After years of covering the show, Frazier has become close enough with Weatherly to have earned a gift from the 47-year-old actor -- a Swiss Army knife.

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"I appreciate that," Frazier said upon receiving the present. "And, you know, the thing about seeing you at NCIS is I always would get a little nervous for your interviews, because I never knew where we were going."

It's Weatherly's fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants approach that is a part of his charm, but sometimes he actually goes without pants. In a 2014 interview with ET, Weatherly comically dropped trou during a workout.

"All I can say about that is, if you think about it, the most fun we have in life is with our pants down," Weatherly joked when Frazier played him video of the flashback interview. "And so I just feel like if you want to feel good, get those pants off and see what happens!"

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Weatherly's quick wit is a big reason for why audiences gravitated to NCIS so quickly. After hitting their milestone 300th episode earlier this year, NCIS is still the No. 1 drama on television, but Weatherly told ET that while the show could go on for years to come, his character should find the exit.

"The character had to leave at some point," Weatherly explained. "I should've left years ago, but I was having so much fun I overstayed my welcome horribly -- like that guest who won't leave and keeps digging into your fridge."

Now with his schedule opening up, Weatherly has the world at his fingertips, but he seems to have a one-track mind.

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"For the time being, I'm going to collapse into a heap," he said. "I'm going to watch a lot of golf."

The final two episodes of NCIS' 13th season will air on Tuesday, May 10, and Tuesday, May 17 on CBS. Watch the video for a preview of Weatherly's final scenes on NCIS.