EXCLUSIVE: 'The Flash' Star Grant Gustin Talks 'Confusing' Iron Mask Reveal and Barry's 'Love Life' in Season

After a truly spectacular second season, 'The Flash's finale is finally upon us and our hearts are beating faster than a speedster's legs!

After a truly spectacular second season, The Flash's finale is finally upon us and our hearts are beating faster than a speedster's legs!

To help get you even more pumped for tonight's sure-to-be-shocking showdown with Zoom, ET caught up with the fastest man alive, Grant Gustin, and he's spilling exclusive scoop on the "shocking" iron mask reveal, Barry's romantic future with Iris and why you'll need an entire box of tissues before tuning in.

"I think last year at Upfronts they asked me what emoji I would use to describe it and I said waterfall tears, and I think that's probably true for season two as well," Gustin spilled to ET last week at the 2016 CW Upfronts presentation.

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For those of you out there (like us!) who are currently praying to the TV gods that Barry's dad will somehow survive having his heart ripped straight from his chest, Gustin has some unfortunate words for you: "I think what you see is what you get," the actor said somberly when asked about the fate of his on-screen father.

In addition to a full-speed, life-threatening race with Zoom, tonight's ender will finally provide viewers with the answer to one of the season's most burning questions: who is the man in the iron mask in Zoom's lair?

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Gustin revealed that he had a very surprising reaction when he finally learned the truth. "I was confused," the 26-year-old confessed with a laugh.

"When [executive producer] Greg Berlanti told me over the phone a few months before we revealed it, I was like, 'OK, wait --explain this to me.' It's shocking" he continued. "It's like last year where there is twists on top of twists. Even anyone who has predicted reveals, there's something else on top that they haven't thought of. It's a really cool reveal."

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Looking ahead, Gustin revealed that there's one thing that he desperately wants to see for Barry in season three of the smash superhero drama: happiness.

"I want to see the cock,y fun hero that gets to kick some a** and not always get his a** kicked and be in kind of a fun and positive place," Gustin said wishfully. "I don’t know how we're going to get that though next year, but hopefully he can find his way there because that's what I would like to see for him."

Gustin also teased that next season is when we can finally watch Barry and Iris' long-awaited relationship bloom. "He's going to need some support wherever he can get it next year, so a love life would be nice," he said.

The Flash's season two finale airs tonight at 8 p.m. ET/PT on The CW.