5 Reasons to Binge-Watch Hulu's Twisted Drama 'The Path' Right Now!


'The Path' just wrapped up its wildly intense first season, and for those who haven't seen it, there are 10 episodes available to blow your mind.

Hulu's latest dark drama, The Path, follows the twisted tale of a controversial religious group known as the Meyerist Movement, and its conflicted, complicated members.

The series, which premiered on the streaming platform in March, has just concluded its explosive first season, and if you haven't had a chance to check it out, here are some of the most compelling, spoiler-free reasons you need to binge watch all 10 episodes immediately.

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1. Aaron Paul Is Amazing

As if we didn't already love the 36-year-old star from his role as Jesse Pinkman on AMC's Breaking Bad, his turn as Eddie Lane in Hulu's drama will ensure his place in your heart.

Lane is a new convert to Meyerism whose is suffering a crisis of faith. The role calls of Paul's talent for delivering the kinds of passionate, vulnerable performances he gave during the best episodes of Breaking Bad.

2. Hugh Dancy (Also Amazing)

If you were among the diehard Hannibal fans who were devastated by the NBC show’s untimely cancellation, star Hugh Dancy is bringing the same intensity he brought to the character of Will Grahame to his charismatic cult leader Cal Roberts.

3. It's Super Intense

Before the show premiered, Hulu released the first three minutes of the pilot and it blew our minds. The show unfolds in the midst of a devastating accident with bodies strewn about the streets of an obliterated small town -- and things only get more intense for the duration of the series.

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4. Religious Surrealism (at Its Best)

The Path connects the themes of fear, religion, faith, dependency, love and humanity with some really unexpected, surreal twists. It's like Twin Peaks meets The Leftovers with some Going Clear sprinkled on for good measure.

5. No Waiting Required!

The Season 1 finale, "The Miracle," went live on Wednesday morning and has already been getting rave reviews. So viewers looking to catch up on the series don't have to worry about getting through 90 percent of it and then having to wait to catch the exciting conclusion!

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