EXCLUSIVE: The 'Girl Meets World' Gang Is Not Happy to Be in High School -- and It's All Cory's Fault!

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Are you ready to feel old?

In 1994, Boy Meets World aired an episode featuring Cory and Shawn's very first day of high school, and now, 22 years later, it's time for Riley, Maya and the rest of our Girl Meets World gang to do the same.

Season three of Girl Meets World kicks off on Disney Channel with a special two-part premiere beginning on Friday, June 3 -- and only ET has your exclusive first look at the highly anticipated jump to high school.

(Spoiler Alert: They don’t seem too happy and, apparently, it's all Cory's fault!)

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"We're in the middle of filming season three right now and already there have been some incredible storylines," star Sabrina Carpenter recently dished to ET at the Adventures in Babysitting junket in Los Angeles. "It's all about finding what we can do to take things to the next step because as you grow, you go through more intense stations in life and that's what these kids are going through."

The jump from middle school to high school proves to be jolting for our GMW group, but Carpenter revealed that this move will only make their friendships even stronger.

"Their group of four friends has kind of turned into a group of six very, very strong friends," the 17-year-old actress shared. "You have Maya, Lucas, Farkle, Riley, Smackle and Zay and they're the perfect dynamic of friends. All of us have so much fun together in real life that doing it on screen doesn't even feel like work."

Season three of Girl Meets World returns with a special a two-part season premiere: "Girl Meets High School." Part one airs Friday, June 3 (8:30 p.m. ET/PT) and part two airs on Sunday, June 5 (8:30 p.m. ET/PT) on Disney Channel.