EXCLUSIVE: 'Bloodline' Cast Dishes on Fast-Paced Season 2, Addition of Beau Bridges

Who will break first?

**WARNING: Spoilers from season one of Bloodline below***

Who will break first?

That’s the question we pondered as ET caught up with the Rayburn family at the red carpet premiere of Bloodline season two on Tuesday night.

“I think the pressure is getting to all of us,” teased Linda Cardellini, who plays sibling Meg Rayburn on the show.

Season two picks up right where we left off – after John Rayburn (Kyle Chandler) murdered his brother Danny (Ben Mendelsohn) after Danny ran massive amounts of drugs through the family’s inn. The Rayburn siblings are now working to cover up the murder and attempt to restore normalcy in their lives.

“At some moment in the season, it looks like any one of us could sort of snap,” said Cardellini.

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While season one was regarded as slow-burn, the cast promises season two will amp up the pace.

“This is on steroids!” said John Leguizamo.

Leguizamo was added to the season two cast as Ozzy, a shady character from Danny’s past. Also joining the series is Beau Bridges, whose casting wasn’t revealed until premiere night.

“I'm a pretty convoluted character,” Bridges teased. “Let me put this way: In the beginning, I'm sort of a mentor for Kyle Chandler's character.”

You’ll have to watch the new season to find out more about Bridges' character -- but it’s a pretty safe bet he’s playing the baddie, as told by Enrique Murciano, who plays Marco Diaz on the show.

“He’s an evil, evil, evil man,” confirmed Marciano.


But you can see for yourself because season two of Bloodline is streaming on Netflix right now!

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