EXCLUSIVE: Freddie Stroma Talks 'Brief' Return to 'UnREAL,' Plans to Watch New Season With Fiancee Johanna Bra

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Freddie Stroma can’t say much of anything when it comes to
reprising his role as Adam on UnREAL,
which returns to Lifetime on June 6. But that didn’t stop us from prying when
we jumped on the phone with him to discuss his latest turn as Dickon Tarly, Sam’s
(John Bradley) younger brother, on HBO’s Game
of Thrones

“I don't know if they want me to be saying how much,” Stroma
says when asked about UnREAL.

In the season one finale, the royal bachelor was left
standing at the altar when Anna (played by his fiancée, Johanna Braddy) decided
to leave him live on Everlasting, the
series’ Bachelor-inspired dating
reality competition. Of course, the result was in large part due to show producer
Rachel’s (Shiri Appleby) maneuvering and manipulation of the show’s contestants
as she was still scorned by Adam’s decision not to leave Everlasting and run away with her.

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“Adam was the fairytale version of the life that Rachel
could have,” Appleby said of Stroma’s character during the show’s panel at the Vulture
Festival in May. Needless to say, things were left in a bad place between the
two at the end of last season.

“I have shot it,” Stroma says of his return to UnREAL, adding: “It’s sort of a brief
moment. I guess that’s the best I can say.”

While his time on set may have been limited, the actor says it
was exciting to be back. “It was great to see a bunch of the old faces again,”
he says, referring to his former co-stars Appleby and Constance

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The big surprise is that Stroma’s return happened at all.
When we last spoke at the end of season one, he wasn’t entirely clear on where
the next season was headed, saying that it was “likely that myself and
contestants will not be involved.”

Of course, we now know that season two will feature a new
suitor, NFL player Darius Hill, who finds himself repairing his image after he loses
it with a sports reporter (played by ET’s very own Leanne Aguilera) during a
locker room interview.

“I just said, ‘If I’m available, I’d love to go back,’”
Stroma says after receiving a call from producers saying they wanted to revisit
Adam’s character. It'll be difficult to navigate logistically. Stroma made his Game of Thrones debut on Sunday's episode and come fall, he'll be filming his new ABC series, Time After Time, in Vancouver.

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Despite not playing a large part in the new season, Stroma
and Braddy plan to enjoy the series as fans. “We'll be tuning in and watching
as soon as it starts airing,” he says. “I can't wait to see what it's all going
to be like. It looked like they've got a really good season ahead of them.”

Another series on Stroma’s watch list is Game of Thrones, though admittedly he fell
behind last season. “Being behind on Game
of Thrones
can be a very, very frustrating thing because there are such
huge, monumental moments in this show. And they can get spoiled so easily, which
a bunch of them did for me,” he says of joining the show as “the brawn” of the
Tarly brothers.

As a fan, Stroma says he hopes audiences get to see “those
dragons come in and do their thing.” Oh, don’t we all!