Lauren Conrad Confirms 'Hills' 10-Year Anniversary Special, Admits It's 'Difficult' to Re-Watch the Show

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Get ready, Hills fans!

Lauren Conrad confirmed on Tuesday that she's partnering with MTV on a "special project" that will air on Aug. 2 at 10 p.m., celebrating the show's 10-year anniversary.

"We will be having an honest conversation about what it was really like living with cameras for so many years (spoiler alert: it was super weird), sharing some behind-the-scene secrets, and showing some of my life today," Conrad explains in a blog post on her official website, titled The Hills: That Was Then, This Is Now. "I spent a lot of time thinking about how I would like to honor this anniversary and in the end, I just wanted to do something as a thank you to the fans."

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She also excitedly tweeted about the big news on Tuesday.

"Today is the 10th anniversary of The Hills! I am excited to announce that @MTV will premiere an anniversary special with me on Tuesday 8/2!" she wrote.

Conrad, 30, has definitely come a long way since The Hills left the air in 2010 after six seasons. She has a successful fashion line with Kohl's -- LC Lauren Conrad -- among other business ventures, and is now married. Conrad tied the knot to lawyer William Tell -- who's the former guitarist for rock band Something Corporate -- in September 2014.

The former reality star reflected on her time on The Hills on Tuesday, when she re-watched the pilot episode -- which she says she hadn't seen in over a decade.

"Even though I know how it all ends, it was a little difficult watching my younger self struggle -- I was in way over my head!" Conrad admits in her blog post. "It was odd watching all of us just starting out, with no idea what the future held (although, no one really could have prepared us for what the next few years would bring)."

"Looking back, I am grateful for the incredible opportunity we were given to take part in this show," she adds. "While it was hard at times to share my personal life (poor makeup choices and all) with the world; the experience taught me so much and forever altered my life and my outlook for the better."

The fashion mogul says she is "proud" of the show, although she hasn't seen any episodes -- other than the aforementioned pilot -- since they first aired.

"[Producers] made a show that documented -- and at times created -- my reality during those years in a unique and beautiful way," she acknowledges. "As hard as it is to look back ... it brings me a lot of joy to see that now, despite all the challenges we faced together back then, each of us seems to have found what we were looking for."

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ET has been talking to stars of the Hills all week in celebration of the show's milestone anniversary, including both Conrad's ex, Jason Wahler, and her former bestie, Heidi Montag.

For his part, Wahler acknowledged that his addiction issues played a big part in their notoriously rocky relationship. But the now sober Wahler -- who's also now married -- says it's all good between him and LC these days, whom he last spoke to about a year ago.

"I think it was more just a check-in, like, 'How are you doing? I hope everything is going well,'" he recalled to ET about their meeting. "The reason why I contacted her a long time ago was to make amends ... which was a part of the process to acknowledge what I did, and to make sure that I clean up my records from the past."

As for Montag, she admitted that she regrets their big fallout.

"I love Lauren. She really was my best friend for a long time and I wish that it never had to happen like this," Montag told ET. "I think that other cast members were excited for our fallout because it was Lauren and I, like, we were inseparable best friends. I think a lot of people took that as an opportunity."

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