'Big Bang Theory' Star Says Next Season Could Be Their Last

Kunal Nayyar notes season 10 of the hit CBS comedy could be it.

Could The Big Bang Theory be ending sooner than we think?

Television’s highest-rated comedy recently wrapped its ninth season, but one of its stars is addressing the possibility that the CBS comedy -- led by Jim Parsons, Johnny Galecki and Kaley Cuoco -- may be over after season 10.

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“Look, next season, as it stands on our contract, could be the last season of Big Bang Theory,” Kunal Nayyar, who has played Raj since the series debuted in 2007, said recently at the MCM London Comic Con.

“To be completely honest … I know people are going to want to know what happens after season 10. I don’t know what’s going to happen,” he continued.

Nayyar’s not the only one in the Big Bang inner circle feeling this way about the show’s possible end. When asked if season 10 could be its last, Big Bang showrunner Steve Molaro told The Hollywood Reporter, “I think so.”

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“The reality is that maybe season 10 is the ending point,” Molaro said. “The real answer is, I don’t know and all I can do right now is go episode to episode and try to make each one the best that we can.”

Nayyar’s recent comments on the show’s fate is almost a 180 from what he told ET back in March.

"Next year is season 10, and I hope it's not our last," he said at the time. "I hope we keep going."

Guess we’ll find out soon!

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