EXCLUSIVE: Why 'Supergirl' Star Melissa Benoist Is Excited About Moving to The CW

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is heading to The CW this fall, after anchoring Mondays on CBS in its first season, and star Melissa Benoist is notably excited about the big move.

“I think it’s really fitting,” the 27-year-old actress told ET’s Nischelle Turner at the Los Angeles Film Festival premiere of Lowriders on Wednesday. “It’s the logical fit for us. It’s a really great group to be involved with.”

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Benoist, who plays the titular heroine, revealed why she felt Supergirl’s new home at The CW -- which counts The Flash, Arrow and DC’s Legends of Tomorrow among its DC comic book series offerings -- was perhaps creatively more fitting.

“What I’m most excited about is we get to kind of linger a little more on certain storylines from the comic books that maybe we didn’t get to do last season,” she said. “Spread out storylines, which I’m really excited about.”

exists in the same universe as the aforementioned shows; in fact, Barry Allen/The Flash (Grant Gustin) paid a visit to National City late in the first season.

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Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc.

And, with Supergirl now firmly a part of The CW’s arsenal, it came as no surprise when the network’s entertainment chief Mark Pedowitz announced its “biggest ever” four-way crossover in December.

“It’s only fitting,” Benoist said with a laugh. “We’re all in the same place now!”

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Before she slips back into her Supergirl cape, Benoist was out promoting her new film, Lowriders, which centers on the prevalent car culture in Los Angeles. Benoist plays Lorelai, a photography student who gets involved with Gabriel Chavarria’s character, Danny, a teen whose loyalties are tested when a lowrider event forces him to choose between his dad and his crooked uncle.

“Films like these usually are the ones with the most story, this one especially,” Benoist said of the film, which also stars Eva Longoria, Demian Bichir and Theo Rossi. “It was just no question for me to be involved in it.”

will air Mondays at 8 p.m. ET/PT this fall on The CW.