'Big Brother 18' Evicts the Season's First Houseguest -- Find Out Who It Is!


Warning: Spoilers ahead from Thursday’s Big Brother eviction.

And the first evicted houseguest from Big Brother 18 is... Glenn Garcia!

It’s never easy being the first evicted houseguest of the season, and unfortunately for the 50-year-old Bronx native, he drew the short end of the stick. To make matters worse, Glenn’s eviction didn’t come without some major dramatics.

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During the final round of the three-part competition, Glenn and Corey Brooks, the 25-year-old baseball coach from Dallas, were neck and neck at the end of the coconut-inspired challenge. Whoever lost the round would immediately go home.

Their finishes were so close -- we’re talking milliseconds apart -- that Big Brother had to review the photo finish to determine who would stay and who would be sent packing. Poor Glenn barely spent a full 24 hours in the Big Brother house, but he seemed to at least take his brief stay well.

This season, the 16 houseguests -- which includes four returnees (Frank Eudy, Nicole Franzel, Da’Vonne Rogers and James Huling) -- will be competing in teams of four, which certainly makes things a tad more interesting.

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Because of that and some complicated rules, the members of Corey’s team -- the Freakazoids (we’re not a fan of their team name either), which includes Nicole and Tiffany Rousso -- were able to pick who would be the first Head of Household. Through some bad acting, the first HOH fell to Nicole, who pretended not to want it but actually did -- thanks in part to the house majority’s anti-veterans sentiment.

However, Big Brother left the biggest shocker for the end of the episode: the nominations.

Unsurprisingly, Jozea Flores, who is one of the newbies leading the anti-vets charge, was put on the block. But, it was who he sat next to that drew a few gasps: Paulie Calafiore, who is intended to be the pawn. We all know what happens to the pawn on Big Brother, don’t we?

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