'Game of Thrones' Season 6 Finale Killed Pretty Much Everyone and Revealed a Game-Changing Twist -- Relive the

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WARNING: We’re about to freak out over the most shocking moments of
Game of Thrones' season 6 finale. If you do not wish to know the truth, get the hell out of here -- but avoid the nearest windows and bursts of green fire! For everyone else, spoilers are coming…

Holy Mother of Dragons -- Game of Thrones has truly outdone itself.

The highly-anticipated season six finale graced our HBO screens on Sunday night and it was -- without a doubt! -- one of the best episodes of television of all time. We're Stark-level serious right now.

It was one hour and 20 minutes of adrenaline-pumping drama complete with mind-blowing revenge plots (literally), multiple jaw-dropping deaths, and an epic geneology game-changer that has forever changed the series!

Let's relive the six most insane moments…

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1. Who's Your Daddy, Jon Snow?
The answer behind Jon Snow's mysterious geneology has finally been revealed! Once he was safely out of harm's way, Bran used his warg-tastic abilities to go back to the day when a young Ned Stark found his sister, Lyanna, who had been kidnapped by Rhaegar Targaryen. Lyanna, who was drenched in her own blood and on the brink of death, had just given birth to a son and made her brother promise to look after him and to hide him far away. This means that Jon Snow, our newly appointed King of the North, is not only a full-blooded Stark, he's also a full-blooded male Targaryen, which, according to tradition, puts him first in line of succession for the Iron Throne. Plus, that also means that Daenerys is technically -- wait for it! -- Jon's half-aunt! Insane, right?

2. The Sparrows -- And Margaery -- Fly Away to Heaven:
On the day of Loras Tyrell and Cersei Lannister's trial for their crimes, all King's Landing's upper echelon – including Queen Margaery -- was inside of the Great Sept of Baelor. While waiting for Cersei to make her presumably fashionably late appearance, Margaery realized that something was not right, but the High Sparrow would not believe her. All of a sudden, a gigantic explosion of wildfire engulfed the court and everyone, including the entire Tyrell clan (minus wonderfully snarky grandmother Olenna, who has found her way to Dorn), was burned to a crisp. Oh, and if you couldn't already tell by now -- it was Cersei's wicked plan.

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3. Tommen Takes a Tumble:
You might be wondering where Tommen was when his beloved queen was getting barbequed across town. Well, as the young king was about to leave for the Sparrow trials, Cersei had The Mountain physically block her son's exit out of his royal room, which, in turn, gave him a perfect view of the Great Sept's fiery demise. Tommen then, ever-so-calmly, took off his crown and proceeded to jump head-first out of his high-towered bedroom.

4. Hell Hath No Fury Like a Cersei Scorned:
While Cersei chose to murder Margaery, the Tyrells, the Sparrows and thousands more King's Landing citizens, there was another person she kept safely locked away from a blazoned death: Mother Unella -- aka the b**ch with a bell who shamed Cersei during her naked walk of atonement. Cersei had Unella strapped down to a table and gave a terrifyingly great monologue about how Unella was going to be tortured by The Mountian for a very, very long time. Oh, and as for Cersei? Now that all of her children have died (just as the prophecy predicted) she took her place on the Iron Throne as the new Queen of the Seven Kingdoms. Ruh-roh!

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5. A Girl Gets Her Red Revenge:
If you bawled your eyes out at the Red Wedding back in season three, then we have some amazingly satisfying news for you! While in disguise, Arya served Walder Frey his supper in which she chopped up and baked his two sons -- "Black Walder" (who killed Catelyn Stark) and Lothar (who killed Robb Stark’s pregnant wife, Talisa) -- into a pie. "My name is Arya Stark," she said cheerily while pulling a mask off her face. "I want you to know that the last thing you're every going to see is a Stark smiling down as you as you die." She then slit his throat and, as promised, smiled as one of the biggest names on her death list was officially crossed off.

6. Daenerys' Deep Sea Departure:
After six full seasons of riding, questing, conquering and keeping track of her dragons, Daenerys Targaryen -- and her thousands of ships -- are officially enroute to Westeros to seize her (seemingly) rightful place on the Iron Throne. Dany also made some serious shake-ups when it came to the men in her life: In a tear-jerking moment, she promoted Tyrion to be the official "Hand of the Queen," and she demoted Daario from lover to the only one being left behind in Meereen. Sorry, bro – but a queen's gotta do what a queen's gotta do!

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