90-Year-Old Burlesque Dancer Gets Coveted Golden Buzzer on 'America's Got Talent' -- See Her Fierce Performanc


The judges of America's Got Talent thought they had seen it all -- until they met 90-year-old burlesque dancer Dorothy Williams.

In perhaps the most surprising act of the season, Williams took the stage and delivered a strip tease we'll never forget.

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It wasn't long after Williams announced she would "dance" for the judges, that her hips came out and the boa started shakin'. Things quickly took a turn when she started undressing, taking off her skirt (fiercely tossing it to the side) and gyrating her hips, teasing the audience.

In her grand finale, Williams ripped off her corset, exposing a nude tank top and red nipple tassels -- and man, did Dorothy work those tassels.

While she was certainly a hit with the judges, it was Nick Cannon who surprised the audience with his support for the dancer.

"We had a conversation backstage, and Miss Dorothy told me that all she dreamed about all her life was being a star, and a moment like this," he announced to the audience. "I told her a star is born tonight!"

Although each of the judges had already hit their golden buzzer, only allowed to send one of their favorite acts straight to the live shows, Cannon decided to break the rules. The 35-year-old rapper ran up to the stage, hitting the golden buzzer for Williams, getting her one step closer to her dream of stardom.

Watch the whole thing below: 

We’ll be looking out for you, Dorothy!

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