EXCLUSIVE: Maya Rudolph and Martin Short Are All Laughs in This 'Maya & Marty' Blooper Reel With Ben Stiller


While Maya Rudolph and Martin Short bring plenty of laughs
during their NBC variety show, Maya &
, nothing is quite as funny as seeing the two break, like they do in
this exclusive blooper reel from the third episode.

The Art of the Impression With Maya Rudolph and Martin Short

In outtakes from the sketch, “Artificial
” guest-starring Ben Stiller, the comedy duo and Zoolander star can barely keep it
together. But who can when the Barbie-like robot is played by Rudolph.

“Your wig!!” Rudolph shouts with laughter at one point while
tussling with Martin. 

The behind-the-scenes laughs come just ahead of the show’s season
finale, which will feature Sean Hayes, Steve Martin, Kelly Ripa, and Emma

The final episode of Maya
& Marty
airs Tuesday, July 12 at 10 p.m. ET on NBC.