EXCLUSIVE: Cory and Topanga Return to the Infamous Ski Lodge in 'Girl Meets World' and We're Having Some Serio

It's time for a blast from 'Boy Meets World's past!

It's time for a blast from Boy Meets World's past!

Remember the Mount Sun Lodge? We see that some of you are scratching your heads. Okay, how about this: remember Lauren, played by Linda Cardellini, - - the cute brunette who worked at the Mount Sun Lodge, who kissed Cory, and almost caused our favorite TV couple to breakup for good? Ahhh… now you remember!

Well, in the next all-new episode of Girl Meets World, Cory and Topanga are returning to the infamous ski lodge for a special two-part event where Riley, Maya and Lucas will finally put an end to their love-triangle flirtations -- and only ET has your exclusive sneak peek!

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In a flurry of déjà vu, we see in our first look, above, that Riley has twisted her ankle while getting off the bus – just like Cory had done 18 years earlier! Like father like daughter.

As Cory and Topanga approach the front desk of the Mount Sun Lodge, there's a withered old woman sitting behind the table. "Lauren did not age well -- I'm just saying," Topanga joked with a smirk.

Maya, Riley and Lucas then take a seat in the very same bay window where Cory and Lauren had spent the whole night talking and begin to address their own complicated relationship woes.

"Girl Meets Ski Lodge" will air as a two-part episode on Friday, July 22 and Friday, July 29 at 8:30 p.m. ET/PT on Disney Channel.

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