EXCLUSIVE: 'Pretty Little Liars' Boss Spills on Ezria's 'Unexpected' Proposal Cliffhanger

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Pretty Little Liars just surprised up with the most swoon-worthy (and frustrating!) ending ever.

We’ve been wondering which Liar would be a part of this week's highly anticipated #PLLProposal and now the secret is out: Ezra Fitz (Ian Harding) proposed to Aria Montgomery (Lucy Hale) -- and only ET has the exclusive images of the breathtaking engagement ring!

Even though we're jumping for joy over that stunning rock, we are a bit bummed that tonight's episode ended before Aria could give Ezra her answer.

"It is a dun-dun-duuuuun ending," PLL showrunner Marlene King spilled with a laugh to ET when we called her up about tonight's shocking cliffhanger. "But it's so beautiful."

Keep reading for exclusive behind-the-scenes secrets about Ezria's proposal, the details on finding that ring, and how long we'll have to wait to find out Aria's answer!

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ET: Out of all the couples, why did you decide to have it be Ezra and Aria in this week's highly anticipated #PLLProposal?

Marlene King:
Well, we're not saying that in the future that others also might not have their moment. We plotted this out when we first started this year, and we just thought because they were the first couple, we thought they should be the first to get engaged.

What do you think it is about Aria and Ezra as a couple that has made them resonate so deeply with the fans since the very beginning?
I think there's just sort of that forbidden love that is just so appealing. Lucy and Ian have such great chemistry and I think they're just so much fun to watch. As they've grown in this show, and their characters have grown up, it's sort of just one of those relationships that's undeniable, I would say.

Were there any moments in the past when you were considering having an Ezria proposal, but then decided to wait?
No. Wait, actually, I take that back. I will say there was almost a proposal in season five and we pulled back from that story, but, yes, it was going to be Aria and Ezra.

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We have exclusive images of that breathtaking engagement ring. How much of an influence did you have when selecting Ezra's ring for Aria?
Well, it actually was something that we spent a lot of time on because we wanted it to be a ring that we really felt like Ezra Fitz would pick out for Aria Montgomery. [We wanted] something that felt unique to her -- something that wasn't necessarily a ring that just anybody would wear. It felt special and like something that Aria would really appreciate. And Cameron [Dale], our [head costume designer,] -- even though it's a prop -- spent a lot of time with us showing us many, many different rings. It's just so beautiful.

Let's talk about that proposal. What were some of the key elements that you definitely wanted to be included?
I specifically asked for him to wear a vest, so it was sort of a classic season one-Ezra when he used to wear those cute vests with his suits. It was a surprise to Aria -- it's unexpected and very beautiful and very romantic, and I think Ian Harding did such a wonderful job in the scene. It was special.

What was behind your decision to have this proposal be a cliffhanger?
Well, you know, [PLL co-executive producer] Bryan Holdman wrote the episode and he really wanted [to do it]. I was like, "The fans are going to kill you, Bryan!" But he was like, "I just really want it to be a cliffhanger!" and I really give the credit of that to Bryan. He really wanted it to be a cliffhanger ending, so I said, "You go for it!" And I think it turned out really, really well.

What do you want fans to know after they've finished this episode?
I would say that they'll get Aria's answer for sure in the next episode. You've got to wait just one more episode for the answer.

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What do think would hold Aria back from accepting Ezra's proposal?
There are some reasons why she doesn’t feel like she's been completely honest with him, like the death of Elliot Rollins and that they buried that body, so her hesitation is really about that. Like, "How can I say yes if I haven't told him the truth about everything?" So that's sort of the thing she has to weigh out before she can answer him.

We recently asked all the Liars to plan their dream weddings and Lucy Hale told us she sees a "barnyard" and "rustic" vibe for Aria. Is that a theme that you're thinking could work for an Ezria wedding?
Maybe I need to talk to Lucy Hale about that! [Laughs] I'm going to go straight to her and talk to her now that I know about all these ideas and she can help me.

For the fans out there who were hoping a different couple was going to get the proposal, what do you want to tell them?
I will still say that season seven is the most romantic of all of our seasons and there's many, many happy endings waiting for our characters and fans. We just have to wait and continue on in this winding path as we move forward. There's still much romance to be had.

Pretty Little Liars airs Tuesdays at 8 p.m. ET/PT on Freeform.

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