EXCLUSIVE: EPIX Channels Jason Bourne in Exciting New Trailer, First Scene From CIA Spy Drama 'Berlin Station'

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EPIX is channeling Jason Bourne with its first drama, CIA spy series Berlin Station, and ET has the exclusive (and thrilling) new trailer and first scene from the upcoming show.

British star Richard Armitage (Hannibal, Alice Through the Looking Glass) plays Daniel Miller, a newly-appointed CIA officer recruited to be an undercover spy in the Berlin bureau. He is tasked with finding the mole within the agency, known only by the alias, “Thomas Shaw,” who's been leaking classified intel.

The 30-second trailer, which will play in theaters ahead of Matt Damon’s Jason Bourne starting Thursday, depicts just how intense and dramatic things are about to get for Daniel as he begins his dangerous mission.

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“No one can know why you’re there,” Michelle Forbes’ character, the CIA’s Berlin station head Valerie Edwards, warns Daniel during their ominous phone call in the dead of night. “Not the chief. Not his deputies. Not a soul.”

“Who am I looking at?” Daniel asks, bracing for the worst.

“Everyone.” Shudder.

ET also exclusively premieres one of the first scenes from Berlin Station, a Paramount TV production, which was filmed entirely on location. In the clip, we follow Daniel as he meets Valerie for the first time in his new CIA headquarters. His arrival comes in the nick of time, as this unidentified “Shaw” mole has leaked confidential information endangering U.S.-Germany relations.

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“We’re on thin ice with the Germans,” Valerie says as she hands Daniel his new CIA ID. “Until everything settles, everyone will have to be their most charming.”

“I’ll do my best,” Daniel says in response, before we get a first look at the bustling Berlin offices -- Valerie lovingly calls it “an insane asylum” -- and meeting several of his new colleagues, played by Richard Dillane and Leland Orser, who bring him into the madness: “Welcome to Berlin.”

Rhys Ifans
and Richard Jenkins also star in the drama, created and executive produced by New York Times bestselling author Olen Steinhauer.Bradford Winters (The Americans, Oz) serves as showrunner.

Berlin Station, 
premieres in October on EPIX.

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