'Arrested Development' Creator Shares Update on Season 5: 'We're Ready to Go'


A new season of Arrested Development may be coming sooner than you think.

Mitch Hurwitz,
creator of the beloved cult comedy, revealed to reporters on Wednesday during Netflix’s summer Television Critics Association press tour that everything is just about ready to go, but warned that nothing has been made official yet.

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“We’re very close,” said Hurwitz, who was promoting Lady Dynamite. “I’m very hesitant -- it’s something that I’m very desperate to do. We’ve got a lot of stories broken. We’re kind of ready to go.”

Hurwitz went so far as to thank the Arrested Development fans for keeping the conversation alive, more than three years after the fourth season originally debuted on Netflix.

“I’m appreciative of the fans wanting more,” he said. “I hate to tease them with information that there is going to be more until we know for sure.”

Though he couldn’t offer any concrete details on the rumored fifth season, Hurwitz offered a potential timetable.

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“It’s what we’re trying to accomplish and if it does happen, it looks like shooting would be at the start of 2017 -- that’s what I’m hoping. That’s my sincere hope,” Hurwitz said.

If Arrested Development does officially return, it’d be welcome news.

Back in April, Hurwitz said in an interview with Esquire that he’s always trying to “move forward with that project, regardless of what else is going on in my life,” noting that the actors’ schedules have been a sticking point.

“We’ll get half of the actors available and we won’t quite commit to making the deal, then we’ll lose the other half of the actors. I spent some time in the writers’ room developing an outline for the next season or seasons if we’re able to make a deal,” he said at the time. “I’m trying very hard to get it done because we have a great story to tell. The clock is ticking.”

Here’s hoping we’ll see the Bluths sooner rather than later.

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