Britney Spears Surprises Jimmy Kimmel in the Middle of the Night with Shirtless Backup Dancers

The pop star and some half-naked men stormed Kimmel's bedroom to give him the craziest wake-up call ever.

Jimmy Kimmel has long been a fan of pranks, even when he's the target, but that doesn't mean he was ever expecting a midnight home invasion from Britney Spears.

Just like the time Rihanna broke into Kimmel's house in the middle of the night (albeit with some help from his wife, Molly McNearney), Spears surprised a sleeping Kimmel in his bed, throwing him for a loop.

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You can't blame the late-night host for being so surprised -- after all, the "Toxic" singer brought along a number of half-naked male back-up dancers -- and a man decked out in colored lights and tinsel -- along for the wild practical joke.

The 34-year-old performer, who looked absolutely amazing in the black, semi-sheer outfit she rocked for the occasion, was as excited as a kid on Christmas morning as she and her troupe tip-toed through Kimmel's house before bursting into his bed room.

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If the blaring music and impromptu laser light show weren't enough to wake Kimmel from his slumber, Spears got into bed with him, followed by a number of the shirtless dancers who gyrated above Kimmel's face.

The prank didn't last long before Spears and her dancers left as quickly and quietly as they had entered. Kimmel met them downstairs afterward where he took the whole thing in stride, hugging Spears and applauding the group for their fairly epic stunt.

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