Amber Rose Reveals She's 'Such a Nerd' in the Bedroom: 'I'm Really Just a Normal Girl'


Amber Rose is revealing her deepest (and kinkiest!) secrets.

During the fifth episode of The Amber Rose Show on Friday, the model got extra candid while chatting about sex with guest Kandi Burruss, star of The Real Housewives of Atlanta.

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"Guys usually don't make a lot of noise," Rose, 32, exclaimed. "Listen, Kandi. Men are so scared of me. I'll literally go out on a date and a guy's like this, shaking. They're f**king scared of me, Kandi, I don't know! They're terrified of me."

"You know what guys say to me? 'What can I do for you that you can't do for yourself?'" she continued. "And I'm like, 'If you go to the store and get a dollar fifty card and write something nice in it, I would appreciate that. But you know what I think, too? I think that they're so focused on concentrating."

The conversation then jumped into masturbation, something Burruss feels "all women" should do and "not feel guilty about."

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"I masturbate all the time," Rose added. "I masturbate at least once a day. That's why my skin looks so flawless."

Flawless, indeed! Rose then switched the discussion over to sex toys, asking Burruss if she thinks guys are intimated by the naughty products.

"Girls kind of want to introduce that to their relationship, and the guys like, 'Well, what? My penis ain't enough?'" Rose, who revealed she was "weak" for never trying a sex toy, explained.

Burruss chimed back in, saying, "We're not trying to replace you, we're just trying to spice things up and enhance the relationship."

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"You know, I can understand when you get one of those big vibrators that'll make them be like, 'Wait a minute,'" Burruss added.

"I feel like I'm just such a nerd in the bedroom," Rose admitted. "People really think that I have orgy's all day, and I do like these crazy sex acts. I'm really just a normal girl."

During another point of the show, Rose welcomed White Chicks actor Marlon Wayans to the stage, where she asked him about throwing shade at her close pal, Blac Chyna, who is expecting a child with her fiancé, Rob Kardashian.

"You said that she was pregnant in the front and the back," Rose dished, to which he replied, "Well, what, I'm not lying, look at that -- like, there's like two baby bumps!"

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"She just got a lot of a**," Wayans continued. "It's like she's pregnant with twins, one is here [in the belly], and one is there [in the butt]. And then she got them breasts. That baby, he gonna be -- he lucky. That's Whole Foods right there."

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