JonBenet Ramsey Story Getting a Lifetime Movie


Lifetime is telling its own JonBenet Ramsey story.

Hot off the heels of CBS’ docu-series, The Case Of: JonBenet Ramsey,the cable network announced Wednesday that it has started production on Who Killed JonBenet?, an original movie about the 6-year-old beauty queen’s unsolved murder on Dec. 26, 1996.

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Eion Bailey
will play Detective Steve Thomas in the scripted effort, who was one of the lead investigators on the case. Michael Gill and Julia Campbell also star.

Who Killed JonBenet?
will follow what happened the day after Christmas in 1996, when Ramsey was found beaten and strangled in the family’s Colorado basement. The movie will serve as a “fresh look” at the events and the theories surrounding Ramsey’s murder.

Lifetime plans on premiering the movie this fall, pegged to the 20th anniversary of Ramsey’s unsolved murder.

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Earlier on Wednesday, CBS announced the three-night premiere for its six-hour docu-series, The Case Of: Jon Benet Ramsey, that aims to re-examine evidence through new technology and forensics, creating the crime scene, new interviews and introducing new theories.

Ramsey’s brother, Burke, now 29, will also give his first interview about his late sister in an exclusive three-part sit-down with Dr. Phil that will kick off his daytime show's 15th season on Sept. 12.