'Stranger Things' Star Millie Bobby Brown Shares Video of Herself Getting Buzz Cut to Play Eleven -- Watch!

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The 12-year-old actress shaved her whole head before her brilliant performance on the Netflix show.

Millie Bobby Brown doesn't need her hair!

The 12-year-old Stranger Things star shared a few videos to social media on Sunday from when she shaved her head before brilliantly play "Eleven" in the critically acclaimed Netflix series.

"Been thinking of posting the video of me shaving my hair off," the actress wrote over the weekend, before sharing the video of her losing the locks.

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Last week, Brown shared the after-photo of her Stranger Things haircut, where she already seemed to have perfected her character's intense, concentrated stare.

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Looks great, Millie!

Meanwhile, the success of Stranger Things already has earned the show and its mostly unknown stars (save for the incomparable Winona Ryder) a rabid fan base eager to see where the spooky series goes in season two.

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ET recently talked to Brown's co-star, Joe Keery, who plays Steve Harrington on the show, and opened up about how the series has become such a huge hit.

"It was a definite surprise," Keery shared. "I mean, I read the script, loved the script and everything, and knew that everybody who was working on it was great, super-talented -- but the response has been crazy. Really crazy, yeah."

Watch the video below for more.