Natalie Portman Loves Her New Home in Los Angeles After Living in Paris: 'Everyone Smiles A Lot Here!'

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Natalie Portman is loving her move back to the states!

The Black Swan star opened up on Thursday's Jimmy Kimmel Live! about her move to Los Angeles after living in Paris for two years with her French husband, Benjamin Millepied, and the couple's five-year-old son, Aleph.

"Everyone smiles a lot here," the 35-year-old director and actress observed. "It's so nice."

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"They're very cool," she added of her former fellow Parisians, explaining, "There's a lot of rules of politeness, and codes of behavior that you have to follow."

"A friend of mine taught me when you go in some place, you have to say 'Bonjour' before you say anything else -- 'hello,'" Portman shared. "And then you have to wait two seconds before you say anything else ... or they'll think you're super rude, and they'll be rude to you."

"It's like talking to Siri in a way," Kimmel joked about the etiquette.

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Now, Portman doesn't have anything against the Parisian way of life, but she admitted that the move back to America has been a nice change of pace.

"I didn't realize that I got used to it until I got [to L.A.]," she revealed. "I was so surprised, you get into an elevator and someone would start a conversation. Or like someone would smile at my child, I'm like, 'What a good person!'"

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Meanwhile, Portman may be back in America, but that doesn't mean she's coming back to the Marvel universe.

Last week, the actress revealed that she has no plans to shoot another Thor, focusing instead on other projects, such as A Tale of Love and Darkness, Portman's directorial debut.

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