'Bachelor in Paradise': Three Women Just Quit the Show in One Episode

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I try to say goodbye and I choke…on tears… So. many. tears.

Bachelor in Paradise
was all about the goodbyes on Monday night; three women voluntarily walked off the show! Twins Emily and Haley Ferguson and former Bachelorette hopeful Caila Quinn all said goodbye, complete with waterworks. First, the twins departed during the rose ceremony. Through sobs, Haley said, “[Emily and I] have been here for five weeks now and unfortunately, we can’t say we feel like it would be fair to pass out our roses this week.”

“We came into this together and we want to leave together,” Emily sniffled back. With that confession, their two roses were left on the pedestal, sending Canadian Daniel (no!!!) Ryan (who??) and Carl (seriously – WHO?!) home. It’s a rose-red bloodbath, Bachelor Nation!

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Caila also teared up during the ceremony, but it wouldn’t be long before her own departure. At episode’s end, Ashley Iaconetti was still trying to divide Caila and Jared Haibon. Caila couldn’t take the stress anymore and removed herself from Paradise.

“It’s hard to get to know somebody with someone else who loves them here,” Caila said as salty streaks streamed down her gorgeous face. “If I just can’t grow in my relationship, then why am I here? … I don’t feel comfortable whatsoever, and I just want to go home.”

“There’s so much baggage involved,” the 24-year-old added. “And it’s walking around with red lipstick.” A rose-red-lipstick bloodbath, Bachelor Nation!

The show picks up Tuesday night, when viewers will discover if Jared followed Caila out of Paradise, or stayed behind with Ashley and her ruby pout.