'Pretty Little Liars' Summer Finale: Surprise Pregnancy, Shocking Family Twists and [SPOILER] Was Beheaded!

If you don't want to know the identity of Rosewood's latest victim, LEAVE! For everyone else, get ready to lose your heads...

WARNING: We're about to freak out over the most insanely shocking moments from tonight's summer finale of
Pretty Little Liars! If you don't want to know the identity of Rosewood's latest victim, head to the nearest cabin and try not to get kidnapped! For everyone else, get ready to lose your heads...

Pretty Little Liars just delivered another cutthroat summer finale -- literally!

The murder mystery drama may be coming to an end next year, but they're certainly not slowing down on the mind-blowing twists or jaw-dropping turns. (One Liar was shot! Another is pregnant!! And -- for the first time in PLL history -- someone was decapitated!!!)

We're about to break down the most shocking moments of the season seven summer finale, but first things first, say farewell to…

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Noel Kahn!

That's right -- Rosewood High's shadiest alumni is the latest victim to be added to PLL's brutal kill list. Here's how it all went down...

Throughout the episode, we discovered a number of stunning revelations: Hanna and Caleb rekindled their relationship with a sexy and scandalous fireside rendezvous, and Spencer and Toby shared one final kiss as he left to begin his life with Yvonne. Additionally, Ali discovered she is pregnant with her dead husband's child, and Ezra's former fiancé, Nicole, is actually alive. (Phew! Did you get all that?!)

By the end of the episode, the Liars were lured by Jenna and Noel to a shut-down and deserted building that was once a school for the blind. (Yes, we're serious. Apparently they've run out of super creepy places in Rosewood to get attacked in.)

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During their attempts to escape the #PLLDeathTrap, the girls split up. Noel decided to chase after Hanna and Emily with a ridiculously sharp and heavy-looking ax, which we all know is a horrible idea. At one point during their struggles, Noel dropped the ax and ended up falling down on the blade. In one swift, spin-chilling twist, Noel's head was cut clean from his body and promptly rolled down the staircase. It was both horrifying and hilarious and Marlene King totally warned us that this would happen!

Meanwhile, on the other side of the school, Jenna had a gun (because blind people should totally be packing heat, right?) and proceeded to hunt after Spencer, Alison and Aria in the dark. In the end, Jenna ended up shooting Spencer, and Mary Drake suddenly appeared out of nowhere and cradled the bloody and wounded girl in her arms.

Why is she doing this, you ask? Because Mary Drake revealed herself to actually be Spencer's biological mother. (Dun dun duuuuuun!)And the family trees in Rosewood continue to grow even more twisted...

Pretty Little Liars returns in April 2017 with its final 10 episodes.

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