Winona Ryder Says Shooting 'Stranger Things' Was 'a Weird Fun,' Calls Fan Reaction 'Humbling'

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Winona Ryder is all smiles, and we can't blame her!

The Stranger Things star was a guest on Jimmy Kimmel Live on Thursday, where she opened up about the exciting, cult-like reaction the '80-inspired supernatural series has received ever since it premiered on Netflix this summer.

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"It was definitely overwhelming," Ryder -- who plays Joyce Byers, the emotional mother of a young boy who goes missing -- explained. "I have a pretty good system, I'm not on the Internet that much, but my parents are, and they forward me the good stuff. They've always sort of been like that."

"It's always like, 'Oh, Winona Ryder gave a good performance,' or something like that, but with this, it was different," she continued. "It's been incredible. It's been amazing, overwhelming, humbling."

Amazing, indeed! And like many of her co-stars, Ryder says the success of the show has been much bigger than she imagined when she signed on to the project.

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Since she's not on the Internet much, Kimmel jokingly asked Ryder if she's a Netflix subscriber. It turns out she not only has a membership, but is apparently the face of the streaming service's price hike!

"The day that the show was coming out, I got an e-mail from [Netflix] saying the price was going up to $12.99," the 44-year-old actress revealed. "And it was like, there was an ad for the show with my face. It's dangerous but great! I binge watch."

Kimmel then asked her if she was able to have any fun on set, seeing as her character was in tears for the majority of the series.

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"Pretty much the first five out of the eight episodes I'm pretty hysterical," she joked. "As I think any parent would be under those circumstances."

"So, it's weird. It was a very fun shoot, but it was a weird fun because I'm quite old school in my approach," Ryder confessed. "I'm allergic to the stuff they blow in actor's eyes sometimes when they're out of liquid in their body. You have to really be hydrated to be able to cry that much."

"But I kind of really have to cry," she added. "It was quite hard, but it was rewarding."

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