EXCLUSIVE: Steve Harvey Can't Even Handle This Woman's Answer on 'Family Feud' -- Watch!

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Well, it is hard to think of what you could frame besides photos!

Nonetheless, host Steve Harvey is puzzled in this Family Feud clip by one woman's answer to the prompt: "Name something that can be framed."

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"A pair of shoes," the contestant, Avrian, responds.

Harvey proceeds to try and walk Avrian through it, before eventually declaring, "You're trying to be on YouTube, ain't you?"

Now, to be fair, framing a pair of shoes is apparently something you can do. (We didn't know either, Steve, had to look it up.)

Watch the video above.

Sadly, Avrian's answer does NOT pop up on the board for things you can frame, but at the very least, Steve and Avrian got to have that fun, very confusing exchange.

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Meanwhile, Family Feud just had its 40th birthday!

Watch the video below to go behind the scenes of the popular game show through the decades.

Family Feud's new season kicks off Monday, September 12. Check your local listings.