Laurie Hernandez Brings 'DWTS' to Its Feet With Flawless (and Adorable!) 'DuckTales' Dance

#TeamValaur all the way!

#TeamValaur continues to kill it on Dancing With the Stars!

Laurie Hernandez
and pro partner Val Chmerkovskiy took the dance floor on Monday night and absolutely slayed their dance to the popular ‘90s theme song for the animated series, DuckTales, a show the 16-year-old Olympic gymnast admitted she knew nothing about.

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Chemerkovskiy said it was only fitting that Hernandez play a cartoon character because “her eyes are just so huge.”

“She has all these emotions squeezing out of her face – she can barely hold them in,” the 30-year-old dance pro added. Hernandez adorably explained, “My happiness goes to my cheeks so I have to grab it to make sure it doesn’t fall out.”

When it came time to do the jive, Hernandez completely embraced her role, dressed in a bright red dress with a cute bow headband. If she didn’t know what DuckTales was before this week, there was no sign of that at all!

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Chmerkovskiy, in the role of Scrooge McDuck, and Hernandez were total pros on the dance floor, which was completely transformed to the DuckTales universe, complete with money bags and gold coins. The pair clearly had fun with their routine, ending it like any DuckTales fan would, jumping into a pile of “Len Goodman” dollar bills.

After the dance, judge Julianne Hough gave Hernandez the highest compliment anyone could give: “You are Disney’s Beyonce!” And we all know how much Hernandez adores Queen B.

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Hernandez was praised for even upstaging Chmerkovskiy, who was visibly out of breath. “You see, what had happened was…,” the pro joked.

Before they left the stage, Chmerkovskiy made sure to show his partner some love. They scored an impressive 32 out of 40.

“She’s always like this. I’m supposed to play Scrooge McDuck and it’s impossible to be Scrooge around her,” he marveled. “Last week I didn’t get a chance to say it but I’m so proud of you. It’s incredible to be your older brother for a little bit, your coach, your partner. Thank you.”

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