EXCLUSIVE: Michael Weatherly Says He Misses His 'NCIS' Co-Stars, Jokes 'Bull' Doesn't Get 'Head-Slapped'

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Michael Weatherly
’s return to CBS is here!

The 48-year-old actor is gearing up for his new legal procedural, Bull, loosely based on Dr. Phil’s early days as a trial consultant, and ET’s Kevin Frazier was with the star on New York Street on the CBS Radford lot in Studio City, California, to get the scoop.

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“Some of my favorite moments take place in airports when I hear people say, ‘Dr. Bull! Looking forward to Bull!’” Weatherly told ET. “And every once in a while, someone tries to slap my head and I go ‘Uh…’ ‘cause Bull doesn’t get head-slapped.”

Weatherly is referencing his beloved NCIS character, Tony DiNozzo, whom he bid farewell to on the emotional season 13 finale in May. Bull is getting a plum Tuesday lead-in, with NCIS -- TV's most-watched drama --serving as the evening’s anchor.

“I love those guys and I miss them and we’re very connected,” Weatherly admitted. “I think it’s great that we’re on [the] schedule together because it’s one fluid evening for CBS.”

During his ET interview, Weatherly’s former NCIS co-star Emily Wickersham unexpectedly called and the two ended up Facetiming.

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“It’s looking fantastic,” Wickersham said of season 14, before telling Weatherly: “We miss you a little bit. I’m very excited about your premiere.”

Weatherly recalled learning Bull would follow NCIS, admitting he “didn’t” see the scheduling move “coming.”

“I was in Boston when I heard about the time slot, and I jumped up and down like a kangaroo who had just had three cups of coffee,” he hilariously shared. “I think I just kept hopping around and my wife was like, ‘What’s going on?’ Then I had to explain to my wife and TV programming and then it got boring.”

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On a personal note, the Los Angeles-based Weatherly -- who films Bull in New York City -- will soon be celebrating his seventh wedding anniversary with his doctor wife, Bojana Jakovic. Even though he has the acting thing down, Weatherly proposed a Plan B should the jobs stop coming.

“What I’m thinking is, the acting goes sideways, we’re just going to set up a little private practice somewhere and I’m gonna be in charge of how much it costs,” he said.

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