'NCIS' Season 14 Premiere: Wilmer Valderrama Makes Explosive Debut, Team Moves on From DiNozzo


Warning: If you haven't watched Tuesday's season 14 premiere of NCIS, do not proceed!

Wilmer Valderrama
had one heck of a debut on NCIS.

CBS' long-running drama launched its 14th season with a dramatic premiere on Tuesday, the first episode without longtime star Michael Weatherly, who left the series in May.

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Stepping in and trying to fill Weatherly's shoes is Valderrama, going against type as rogue undercover agent Nate Torres, who is introduced to viewers in the craziest way possible: killing a guy hired to kill him and making a joke about it!

Torres’ resurrection comes to the attention of Gibbs and the NCIS team, who are having difficulty finding a worthy replacement for DiNozzo, rejecting more than a handful of qualified recruits for silly reasons ("too smart," "too slow," etc.). Could Torres be the guy they’re looking for?

At the start, it’s unclear how Torres -- who is also dealing with his own skeletons involving a dangerous family -- could feasibly fit into a team that’s already a well-oiled machine, but never underestimate Gibbs and his plans. (Plus, it was wild seeing Valderrama getting into a massive fist fight and literally sitting on top of a bomb!)

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After helping the team take down some terrible people, Torres -- who acts more like a lone wolf -- gets one last surprise from Gibbs, who picks him as the rightful new member of the NCIS team. In a surprising move, Gibbs added a second member, Quinn (Jennifer Esposito), to the team as well. It’s going to be one crazy ride!

Before the episode ended, the team made sure to give a nod to Tony DiNozzo (Weatherly) with this sweet moment.

"You know, I thought after a few weeks, I'd still get used to this desk," said McGee (Sean Murray), newly promoted to the title of senior field agent. "It still feels strange."

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"It's not about the desk, Tim," Bishop (Emily Wickersham) knowingly tells McGee, who replies, "I know."

"Plus, if anyone was going to sit there, Tony would want it to be you,” Bishop says.

DiNozzo sure would be proud.

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