EXCLUSIVE: 'Blindspot' Star Luke Mitchell Talks Roman's Threat to Jane and Mystery of the Mole


Warning: Spoilers ahead for Wednesday’s brand new episode of Blindspot.

Roman isn’t messing around on Blindspot.

Jane’s long-lost brother is done saving his sister. After killing an old foe for Jane (or is it Remi?) and covering for her with their suspicious adoptive mother, Shepherd, Roman makes a bold threat at the end of Wednesday’s episode: Jane needs to get her act together or he’s coming for her.

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Following the episode, Aussie actor Luke Mitchell talked to ET about what fans can expect between Jane/Remi and Roman and what’s in store.

ET: Now that we’re knee-deep in the season, what has it been like for you to dig into Jane, or Remi’s, history with Roman and what they’ve endured?

Luke Mitchell:
They have this deep, complicated history which Jane doesn’t remember any of and it’s almost like a one-sided connection. Roman is incredibly protective of Jane, or Remi or Alice or whatever you want to call her. One of my favorite things about Roman is he will do anything for Jane. Jane is his everything so he can’t lose her, but in that, he’s already lost her three times so there’s guilt in that. Now that he’s got her back, he wants to prove that he’s just as good as her and can protect her. They’ve been through a fairly traumatic childhood and the extent of their relationship is as deep as it can get really.

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You mentioned Roman will do anything for his sister. In this episode, he kills for her. He covers for her with Shepherd, who is rightfully suspicious of Jane. What is going through his mind when realizes he has to cross that line for Jane?

He’s scared of what Shepherd might do if she were to find out that Jane isn’t capable of [killing] and that Jane hasn’t found a way back to being Remi. The two different names of the one person almost speak to [where she is] -- Remi being the old character and Jane being the new character. Jane and Roman are blood relatives and blood is thicker than water; as much as Shepherd is their mother, you’re increasingly seeing how much of a she-wolf that she is. She’s protective of her own, but she won’t let anything stand in the way of what she needs to get done. This is another instance of him protecting his sister, acknowledging that she’s not yet who Roman knows her to be. He’s scared because he doesn’t know what that means and he feels the need to threaten her to really shake her up and help her find a way back to being the person he knows she is. They’re still getting to know each other even though they know each other so well. It’s a weird dichotomy.

Is there any doubt in Roman’s mind thath she could fully return to being Remi?

There is no doubt in his mind, but he’s concerned. He doesn’t know what’s possible. They erased her memory so it’s a confusing time but he also feels there’s hope -- if nothing else, he as her blood brother, is going to bring her back into the fold and be reunited and be a family again.

Before we move forward, it’s established that Roman and Jane are blood-related? From the episodes we’ve seen thus far, it didn’t seem 100 percent clear.

It wasn’t clear but in episode one, Shepherd says “You and your brother” but it could’ve been misinterpreted as -- because they were raised in the worst orphanage together, that could have been interpreted as they’re all brothers and sisters living in an orphanage. But yeah, they’re blood relatives.

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Roman’s threat to Jane at the end, where he essentially tells her he’ll go after whoever’s closest to her, which one could imagine Weller might be at the top of the list. Is this working toward a potential showdown between the three of them?

That would be one hell of a showdown: Roman versus Weller with Jane in the middle of it. It would not surprise me in the slightest if we explore that. I don’t know that he’s necessarily implying that specifically. Instead, I think he’s just trying to wake her up and find her way back, but also letting her know that he’s stronger than he’s ever been, Roman spent most of his life trying to prove himself -- he’s never been as good as Jane, always No. 2 in the family. This is partially his way of stepping up and letting her know he means business and he’s not a weak little kid anymore.

Could Roman go rogue?

Roman is such a complicated character that nothing would surprise me. The next script that the writers give me, they could literally write anything in that script and I’d be like, “Yup, OK, of course Roman does that.” In essence, he’s a fragile little boy who went through a traumatic childhood and is forever trying to prove himself and his only family is Jane. Now he’s a part of this anti-government organization and he’s under the direct influence of his mother who, as you can see, he has a rocky relationship with. Nothing would surprise me.

The premiere revealed that there’s a mole within the agency, who’s been secretly working with Shepherd and Roman.

That was an exciting revelation!

Do you know who it is? If so, how surprising is the identity of the mole?

I do know who it is and it’s not who I thought it was going to be.

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